"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Monday, September 22

The Latest Pea Shooter is Obama

Did you know that John McCain has 13 cars? Outrageous! Did you know he owns 8 houses? My goodness! Did you know that his cars were not all made by American workers? Disgraceful!

This is the latest chapter in Obama's quest to vilify Senator McCain.

If owning a foreign-made car is a sin now, I would like to know how many celebrities would give back their Priuses for our country's sake.

Mr. Obama drives a Hybrid Ford Escape. He also owns one house. What a patriot! He's a living example of what an American should be. I just wish he'd put an American flag on his private jet. No that would send a message!

I've got to have a talk with my father. He owns 5 cars! Five! Can you imagine!? That makes him almost 1/3 as evil as John McCain. We just can't have that!

As for me- I'm a proud owner of a Toyota Pickup, Honda Minivan, Kawasaki and Honda motorcycles and many articles bought at Wal-mart supposedly made in China. (gasp) I presume the vehicles were all made in Japan. I'll make sure I think twice before buying another Japanese vehicle. I may want to run for office some day. So, I must repent. How could I think of being so unamerican?


Jaime said...

OK- so I'm just going to say how are we, the average, middle class people supposed to believe that a man who comes from $$$ & owns 13 cars & 8 houses can relate to us? What time has he spent 'in the ranks' seeing how the majority of us live? Many, many people have trouble owning even one modest home. Don't care one iota about the foreign car issue- I drive a Subaru. Not villifying, I'm just sayin....

Kirk said...

First of all, I think it's a worthy topic to discuss and I can see your point. First and foremost, I wrote this post mainly because I get sick of the trivial attacks. I wrote this one with more sarcasim than usual. I am neither a contributor to nor an excited supporter of either candidate for president. I think they both have major faults. Even in the "everyday person" argument. Neither one of these men are currently hurting to pay a mortgage. My hangup with John McCain is that he seems think that he is going to go to Washington as the President and shake things up by being devisive and a maverick. That will only get us further into the muck that we are already in. These are proven tactics on how NOT to be a leader. Obama's major hangup being his indecisiveness and avoidance of the issues when they HAVE to be confronted. Oh and his social spending and right to life issues I don't agree with either. However, I don't think it is fair to say that John McCain doesn't know what it's like to have to go without or to struggle. He's probably got a pretty good grasp on that. My vote will ultimately be decided on the point I made in the previous post about Dr. Covey. Who knows best how to lead our country with a clear sense of purpose? Ultimately, who is the best leader. What worries me is I don't think either one will be the one we need right now.