"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, February 26

Economic Entertainment

The most beautiful part about President Obama's speech the other night to Congress was the entertainment factor. It was almost like watching those old TV's that had picture-in-picture where you could watch three shows at once. In the main screen you got to see what could be considered the beginning of modern socialism. In the upper right-hand screen, you got to see the geriatric channel's version of jazzercising in a pant suit by The San Fransicko treat Nancy Pelosi. On the upper left you got to see the modern Alice in Wonderland's version of the Cheshire cat grinning creepily from ear to ear. And to bring it all together, the geriatric was racing the Cheshire to see who could give the creepiest botox smile and stand up first to applaud the President's vagueness. I was partly concerned that she might break her brittle bones while clapping so enthusiastically. I never knew she was quite so adamant about the whole socialism thing. The clap-off/stand-up off with VP Biden was more entertaining than Michelle Obama's sleeveless number.

Please entertain yourself here.

I am also constantly amazed at the power our new president possesses in controlling the financial markets. His ability to speak so vaguely about the bailout-of-the-week/economic recovery plan of the day instills so much confidence in Wall Street and the investors of the country that the market drops faster than the charts can keep up. I usually watch the DOW and if it drops abruptly I know our President has stepped in front of a camera again. Here's my economic recovery plan......stay home President Obama. I hear you have a bowling alley in the white house. No one cares how nebulous you speak when you're amongst your Hollywood friends who are lobbying for their favorite pet project. Maybe you could tell your friend George Clooney that you have a concrete plan that might, potentially, solve or mediate some or all the problems in Dafur and surrounding areas that maybe you'll unveil in a few units of time. And my plan doesn't cost a dime.

Friday, February 20

Protect your Brain

While riding my motorcycle down Ogden Canyon this afternoon, after visiting the great white north that is Ogden Valley I was reminded of why I wear a helmet. I was heartlessly and randomly struck by a few pieces of falling ice. It was the universe's way of telling me it loved me I guess. It woke me from my riding daze with all the political and economic garbage running through my mind. In retrospect, it was kind of nice to get hit squarely in the head by a blunt object.

Wednesday, February 18

Legislative Bribery

I don't mean to be cynical (most of the time). But I find myself often thinking in a way that I don't like to admit. But here goes....

When I or my wife goes out to buy something for Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day, we go out and spend our money on each other and often times I think it would be easier to if she wrote me a check from our joint bank account, saved herself the trip, the shopping and the fretting over what to gift me and told me to go deposit it in the bank. Now I know that defeats the purpose and I wouldn't ever suggest she do that but I see a parallel with our current state in our stimulus crazed society.

We are printing/borrowing trillions of dollars to stimulate our economy. The money we are borrowing is being spent on US citizens to merely appease them and win their favor.

Let me expound...
$500 Billion of the $789 Billion stimulus is ear marked for spending. According to Recovery.gov, President Obama's Stimulus propaganda website, the following areas of the economy will get stimulated. Everyone is screaming for stimulation.

1. Education and "Training"-$53 Billion-Paid to Universities, professors and appeasement to very liberal teacher's unions.
2. State and Local Fiscal Relief-$144 Billion-Paid to states that have demonstrated their love for ultra-liberal economic and social programs that have helped bring these states like New York and California to their knees. Also states full of liberals.
3.Health Care-$59 Billion-Also paid to a professional industry that has a vested interest in Obama and his checkbook.
4. Energy-$43 Billion-Money sent to hippies to do research on solar and wind power. None of which will actually help us with our dependence on foreign oil. Paid to those who helped Obama get elected.
5.Protecting the Vulnerable-$81 Billion-Obviously we need to help everyone who is in trouble. The vulnerable vote too.
6.Infrastructure and Science-$111 Billion- Paid to Scientists who will eventually find that we are indeed ruining the planet from all of our roads and bridges we build.
The following is from Recovery.org......

"...The money is being distributed by Federal agencies, and soon you'll be able to see where it's going -- to which states, to which congressional districts, even to which Federal contractors. As soon as we are able to, we'll display that information visually in maps, charts, and graphics."

This is almost laughable to me. They either don't have any idea where the money will be spent yet, or they know and they aren't saying. "As soon as we know.." Good one. My name is Kirk and I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

This is a big fruit basket with a billion dollars to all of those who either helped Obama get into office, support a cause that Obama does or is simply nothing more than helping those who will in turn vote for Mr. Obama and their democratic congressmen who "helped them out" with some free money. Those who will be receiving help will most likely be those who don't pay taxes anyway. To me it is simply legislated bribery.

Wouldn't it be a lot easier if we just wrote ourselves a big check? We are taking money from one pocket, putting it in the other and wishing ourselves happy anniversary. At least President Obama has taken the time to go shopping.

Saturday, February 14

House of Cards

So I was in bed last night and trying to shut the brain down when I thought of a blog post topic. I told Carin that I had a topic and she asked what it was. I said, "Well, you'll just have to read my blog." So here goes honey.

I have been quite miffed about the whole "Stimulus" package getting slapped together and shoved through the congress like a fast food hamburger at lunch hour. I feel as though the government, although elected by the people, has far too much power to spend, regulate and control the lives of the American people. Never would the founders of this country have approved of this type of governmental intervention in such a massive way.

In what world would a person with more than 3 brain cells believe that a bill, drafted of more than a thousand pages and that stands more than 8 inches thick is the product of politicians since President Obama's inauguration. This bill is the product of years of liberal planning, plotting and positioning a myriad of liberal causes and awaiting the day that there would be a Congress so gutless and morally bankrupt as we have now to present their holy grail of all funding bills to an inexperienced and frankly scared junior President. They've been unable to pass most of their socialist garbage when it's been tried in bills that have been able to be read and debated but this is the liberal socialists' golden opportunity of all golden opportunities and they are not about to let this slip by. I would say shame on the Congress, I would say shame on the President but I say shame on the American people for electing people who they do not hold accountable. Shame on the American people for electing people who have shown themselves to be willing to sell their souls for power and money. We are getting exactly what we deserve. Call it being gullible, call it stupidity or call it willful ignorance if you want, but please don't call it honest politics. This is the culmination of years worth of liberal drafting and lobbying. We the American people are supposed to believe that the President and his cabinet carefully put together a thousand pages of legislation in less than a week? Uh-huh. So how did he do it? Hmmm. All he had to do was look down his list of donors and people whom he owes political favors and take their orders. It is now in a bill that is so urgent that we must get it passed before Princess Pelosi leaves on her European vacation. So urgent that not one member of Congress read it. Perfect. If I were a liberal, I would be cackling right now.

So why would the Congress pass this legislation before each member had a chance to read it? You now have your answer. It's their life's work. As I watch our Congress spend almost a trillion dollars of our money we don't have, I realize something. The Congress is oddly transgressing in the same manner as those who now are being punished for not reading their mortgage contract before signing for a 1 year balloon ARM with no income documentation. However, we now know that there is a day that house of cards comes crashing down in a smouldering heap of ash and I can only hope that all the Congressmen who voted yes on this bill are in the House when it does.

Friday, February 13

Basketball.....Church Basketball

So I admit, after not picking up a basketball or really practicing my shooting for a decade, I am pretty out of practice and shape to be running the floor but I promised I would go to this week's Elder's Basketball game. Ah the memories......it hasn't changed a bit. Arriving a few minutes early, I got to witness the end of a tight game. I just stood there and laughed. The first 30 seconds consisted of an overhand power throw to the body of the opponent, yelling, pouting, taunting and threats to leave and walk out. As I stood there laughing, I didn't know what to think, other than, geez I'm glad we aren't playing them!

As we suited up in our fancy mormon-mesh jerseys, we were called together for an opening prayer. Oh how weird that felt. A wise friend from the ward and I were talking about the uneasy tension that still lingered as the previous players were leaving the gym. He suggested how different the game of church basketball might be if there was both an opening and closing prayer. It might not end up with everyone standing in a circle holding hands and singing hymns but it might lead to fewer fist fight in the parking lot. By the way, the team we played were gentlemen, friends and we had a lot of fun. And they kicked our trash. Mmmm, just like old times.

Monday, February 9

Times they are a changin'

Things have taken a turn for the worse. I rarely check the Drudge Report anymore. I haven't yelled "Amen" at my radio in weeks and I can't even enjoy a good cable news program anymore. Maybe it's just the wearing down of a person's soul that jumps into the floating cesspool of politics for years at a time that causes this condition. As bad as President Bush's grammar and overall grasp of the English language was, I would still make it through his State of the Union speeches, rare press conferences and occasional public speaking engagements with neery a small headache. However, our new President inspires more than just Hope and Change in me.(notice the capitalization, they are now holy words) He has already bettered my life with his historic presidency. I watch much less of the raggedly worn news anchors. I am also slowly starting to listen to music again. Music really is a great thing. I speak with my coworkers and family more about the things that matter in personal life and less about bitter political differences. But most of all President Obama has brought to light the use of the word that will change my life forever. Uh.

Now, when I can't think of what to say when I forget to get dressed and walk in front of the open windows in the morning in front of the neighborhood bus stop, I will have something to stall with until I can get some pants on. Now, when I answer my wife's phone and am compelled to guess who it is before suffering through a long guess who's talking bit, I will be able to fake my way through with a few extra uhs. Did you get your home teaching numbers in yet this month? Uh......can you hold on a sec?....................yup. Did you remember to bring home that package from the office for me? Uh......let me go check! Did you leave the car in drive? Uh.....be right back! See! It's an amazing word that if it weren't for our new uh....President, I would have never known that by using the word uh, you could be labeled an articulate speaker! Maybe this is actually a turn for the better!

Please check this link out. Watch the master in action in this video.

Tuesday, February 3

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an unemployment line! No it's a free Denny's Breakfast!

Millions of people ate a "Grand Slam" breakfast today on the house at Denny's. During the Superbowl, they advertised the offer and I expected that those who usually eat at Denny's may take advantage of the offer. However, this morning on my way to work, I thought maybe I'd consumed some Michael Phelps Bong water for breakfast. I thought I was hallucinating. St. Anne's homeless shelter had found a new home between Sizzler and Office Max on 12th and Washington. A massive line 5 or 6 people wide wound out the door, down the side walk and made it way up Washington Blvd a good hundred feet. It was freezing cold! The crowd just around the bus stop was more than I'd ever seen. I wondered if these crazies had ever actually eaten a $4.99 Grand Slam Breakfast. It's nothing to write home about I'm sure. Mind you not everyone had taken the UTA bus to get to Denny's because the parking lot filled Office Max and Sizzler as well. I guess if you are starving enough to wait in the cold for 3 or 4 hours to indulge in 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 strips of bacon and 2 sausage links, you'd better get off work, get in your car, drive to Ogden and spend the day elbow wrestling other fellow gum-scrapers for hours to get a $5 gut bomb. Obviously, Denny's got their money's worth in word of mouth advertising.

Monday, February 2

Coming out of the Closet

If my reader is still there, no I am not dead. I just haven't been blogging for a couple weeks. A great trip to Southern California with my dad to the granddaddy of all car shows, my parent's new tile floor and the Superbowl...I can't complain. It's really not for a lack of news, political fodder or Olympic athletes huffing bongs. There's been plenty, I just haven't felt like my thoughts have been worthy of publishing on a blog. I don't know what has changed, my thoughts are probably still not worthy but I am going to start up again. Sorry to all you that have enjoyed the past two weeks.

Sometimes I hate to write about politics because it all gets said in the media. I don't like to regurgitate ditto-points or hannitized talking points. Although there is a lot of truth in some of what they say, I don't feel like that's what I want the blog to be about. If you want to hear all about it, you can. If you want to read about something different, then I invite you to check back.

Since my last post about inflation was such a big hit(sarcasm), I will talk about another unintended consequence of the current economic turmoil. And add this to my list of "write it downs". Pres. Obama's massive $1.2 Trillion "stimulus" bill is supposed to jump start our economy with unbelievably irresponsible spending that has as much to do with stimulating our economy as buying a new house has to do with a polar bear's next meal. If passed, it will contribute even further to our fiat money problem and the future liability of our children. As we have all endured the housing meltdown together, there may be another round of mutual suffering ahead. Here is another scenario that could affect the country.

I don't know about you but if tomorrow I woke up without a job, couldn't find a job, fell behind on my house payment I would use the credit that I have acquired to stay current. I think that many Americans have credit cards that they have never used, that are tucked away somewhere without a balance. (Closet Credit) Before I lost my house or filed bankruptcy, I would use that credit to keep my family in the house and food on the table. If things didn't turn around, at that point, you would find yourself both behind on your payments and in credit card debt, with no income. What effect would this have on the economy? Probably a very similar "housing meltdown" effect on the banking industry as they absorb this bad debt and write off losses well beyond their ability to endure.

If you have a mailbox, you know that credit cards were offered and given out more liberally than a mortgage in the Bronx. The math on a 10% interest credit card is massive when you figure the minimum payments on the average debt for the American family. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are transferred over a lifetime. Obviously the banks didn't need any arm-twisting to extend this credit.

Now they are backtracking. I recently received a letter in the mail from none other than our new penny stock banking giant Citi. It said something like this.

Dear Valued Customer,

We have noticed that you have not used our credit card with us for over 2 years. We understand that your banking needs may have changed. We have taken the liberty of closing your account for you.

Love always and forever,



Dear Lucky Guy without any debt,

Why didn't you use your credit card? We spent thousands in marketing to get you to sign up! And for what? What- do you pay for things in cash? We are now scared that you will actually use it now and won't pay us back so we are closing your account. Hope you keep your job.

We won't be mailing you again (we can't afford it),


These banks that are already over their heads in debt, plummeting stock prices and layoffs realized this scenario better than anyone. So if you're looking for another economic disaster, watch for the closet debt to "come out of the closet". And don't be surprised if picket lines start forming soon thereafter.