"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, February 14

House of Cards

So I was in bed last night and trying to shut the brain down when I thought of a blog post topic. I told Carin that I had a topic and she asked what it was. I said, "Well, you'll just have to read my blog." So here goes honey.

I have been quite miffed about the whole "Stimulus" package getting slapped together and shoved through the congress like a fast food hamburger at lunch hour. I feel as though the government, although elected by the people, has far too much power to spend, regulate and control the lives of the American people. Never would the founders of this country have approved of this type of governmental intervention in such a massive way.

In what world would a person with more than 3 brain cells believe that a bill, drafted of more than a thousand pages and that stands more than 8 inches thick is the product of politicians since President Obama's inauguration. This bill is the product of years of liberal planning, plotting and positioning a myriad of liberal causes and awaiting the day that there would be a Congress so gutless and morally bankrupt as we have now to present their holy grail of all funding bills to an inexperienced and frankly scared junior President. They've been unable to pass most of their socialist garbage when it's been tried in bills that have been able to be read and debated but this is the liberal socialists' golden opportunity of all golden opportunities and they are not about to let this slip by. I would say shame on the Congress, I would say shame on the President but I say shame on the American people for electing people who they do not hold accountable. Shame on the American people for electing people who have shown themselves to be willing to sell their souls for power and money. We are getting exactly what we deserve. Call it being gullible, call it stupidity or call it willful ignorance if you want, but please don't call it honest politics. This is the culmination of years worth of liberal drafting and lobbying. We the American people are supposed to believe that the President and his cabinet carefully put together a thousand pages of legislation in less than a week? Uh-huh. So how did he do it? Hmmm. All he had to do was look down his list of donors and people whom he owes political favors and take their orders. It is now in a bill that is so urgent that we must get it passed before Princess Pelosi leaves on her European vacation. So urgent that not one member of Congress read it. Perfect. If I were a liberal, I would be cackling right now.

So why would the Congress pass this legislation before each member had a chance to read it? You now have your answer. It's their life's work. As I watch our Congress spend almost a trillion dollars of our money we don't have, I realize something. The Congress is oddly transgressing in the same manner as those who now are being punished for not reading their mortgage contract before signing for a 1 year balloon ARM with no income documentation. However, we now know that there is a day that house of cards comes crashing down in a smouldering heap of ash and I can only hope that all the Congressmen who voted yes on this bill are in the House when it does.

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