"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, November 29


In a relatively quiet political environment since the elections, I find myself really lacking in the blog topic department-Here are some of the choices I have to choose from......................

Al Franken-Liberal, foul-mouthed nutcase comedian running for Minnesota Senate Seat involved in a recount of votes since he lost by so little-Minnesota has a knack for electing nutjobs...Ask Jesse Ventura.

Black Friday-Mental Institutions nationwide are searching for escapees this weekend. They have warned that they will trample fellow human beings to buy a DVD for $9. Is the current state of our economy so bad that our populous has resulted to acting like savages to secure their treasured bargains?

Terrorist Attacks in India-Good luck figuring out who's behind all the killing of Jewish Rabbis in India. It's obviously white conservative gun-owners who are mad that the Republicans lost the election. Maybe we ought to quit acting like we don't realize that all these folks are Islamic Fundamentalists and start profiling these people. If our nuclear-equipped-mentally-unstable comrades of India and Pakistan decide to wage war on one another, get ready for your calls to be answered in another country. Just when I get used to Johnny Singh's accent! Blast!

Twilight- Some movie/book phenomenon occurring around the country that has women everywhere more excited than when Senjiah was voted off American Idol. At the movies last night i heard a girl in the popcorn line talking about the next two movies in the Twilight series. She claimed she was so excited she couldn't sleep. Obviously it's going to be a rough little while for her and the males in her life.

Disney Movies-While watching Peter Pan with my three year old today, I realized how incredibly politically incorrect these old movies are today. But thanks to Peter Pan and his animated red Indian friends and their rousing rendition of "Why the Red Man's Red" I know understand that mystery completely. Unlike Peter Pan...these films would never fly today...and frankly I'm surprised that the Anti-Defamation League and their cohorts haven't made a bigger fuss about it. I actually enjoyed Peter Pan immensely...

So I don't know.....is any of it really worth expounding on?

Friday, November 28

The reason they make Movie Theatres

Why do men love Bond? Bond Movies have always epitomised the manly man's idea of a testosterone-filled mission that incorporates every aspect of a man's fantasy land; full of masterfully crafted car chases in supercars, willy-nilly gun fights (without consequence) and mysteriously exotic women. Daniel Craig is the perfect Bond...no wonder the women like to help him find his stationary. My review of the new Quantum of Solace can be summed up in Bond-like fashion. Good..........Very Good.

Wednesday, November 26

Thank you KSL!

Deseret News/ KSL-TV has done another wonderful piece of reporting in the Deseret News this week. Yesterday's paper had the following headline "Obama urges swift stimulus action" Directly below was a poll, which I have tried to take a picture of and post here. The poll asked a total of 406 people if they are currently employed. 57% said yes and 43% said no. Excuse me?! This jumped off the page at first (which I think goes along with their investigative reporting tactics that scare you to death to breathe on a foggy day when it's a full moon) What surprised me even more than Utah apparently having a 43% unemployment rate was the headline next to it that was related to the poll. "JOBS: Most Utah workers say they'll be employed in '09." Really? The same 406 people you asked if they were unemployed? Even more surprising was the fact that about 20% of the text in the article was explaining their poll numbers. "Twenty eight percent of the respondents were over the age 65 and most all of these people said they were not working. But 23 to 30 percent of those in the other age groups interviewed also said they were not employed, with the exception of those ages 35-44. For that age group just 12 percent said they were not employed"

Thanks for explaining yourself! You might want to conduct a poll of "workers" on people who are actually "working". Is this not alarming to anyone else? The poll on the front page was practically fabricated to induce reading. They might want to stop setting up their polling stations at the senior center and the local Labor Ready. I don't think that a poll of 406 people has much if many clout at all...and I didn't even go to journalism school. If Utah had even a 12% unemployment rate, we'd be more than twice the national average. Now that would be a front page news story!

In reaction to the Headline about the need for another stimulus, (which we were so nicely excluded from), I took this picture today at Costco. It is the line after checkout to show your receipt to just get out the door. There were so many people there on a Wednesday afternoon that had already paid, that the line was about 50 people long to just get out of the place. Most weren't just buying cheese and a pair of pants either. Apparently 50" flat screens were the hot buy today. Maybe KSL should do a news story about how there seems to be no recession or slow-down in spending in an isolated area of South Ogden Utah.

KSL might be better served to just run a classifieds site and call it good.

Tuesday, November 25

Listen to this...

Check out this artist...his name is Xavier Rudd. He's from Australia and has a very interesting laid-back surfer sound. A little bit Dave Matthews, a little Jack Johnson, some didgerydoo and some wicked pickin'! Makes we want to play again. I put some of his tracks in the playlist in the sidebar. He's got a really great talent with dynamics in his songs. Give it a listen.

Monday, November 24

Pardons, Rosie, and Bailouts

Retraction requested-I read a comment on a blog of a friend about how the President really doesn't have that much power because of the checks and balances in our government. In your Utopian dreams buddy. Farce! Cockamamie! D's vote with D's and R's vote with R's. Everyone with a (D) or (R) next to their name has to vote with "their" president or be refused democratic/republican communion. The days of Representative government that thinks more about what's right for the country and less about what's self-dealing are nirvanic antiquities. There are very few real patriots in our current government.

Anyway...I digress..the Presidential pardon is an interesting part of our constitution. It enables the President to commute a sentence or pardon someone outright regardless of their crimes. I know Clinton and even Reagan did their fair share of pardoning in their days in office..mostly near the end of their terms. Does anyone else find it interesting that the President can be the judge of all judges and override the sentences of those convicted by trial? All I can say is I'd be pretty ticked off if I spent a 2 months serving jury duty to convict a guy and then the president said "It's okay...you are really a good person...and I love you...so I am going to set you free....because I can!" Seems pretty crazy to me. I need to figure out why the founders put that in the Constitution..they had to have a better reason than to excuse tax fraud and bank embezzlers from their prison "duties". By the way Mr. President, if you could swing it, I'd like a pardon from work this week....thanks.

Rosie O'Donnell-She has her own "variety" show? Come on NBC! I know revenues for advertising are down and that the major TV networks are asking for bailout money too but come on! So they can't sell enough advertising to fund their programming budgets-and they think people will want to advertise during a Rosie O'Donnell variety hour? Must be giving away free airtime. I'd personally rather watch a naked Rosanne Barr at a fast trot on a treadmill for an hour. (honestly try the visual for more than 5 seconds) Whatever is being passed around the boardroom table at NBC programming meetings must be pretty strong.

The Citi never Sleeps...Citi finally got their bailout today. Goodie. $20 Billion now and $306 Billion dollars of freakin' taxpayer money to grow on. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks Citi...glad we could help out with your business ventures. My future grandchildren would thank you. What's in your wallet?

Saturday, November 22

Fiscally Responsible Government? Yes! Kind of....

So imagine my surprise this weekend when the front page of the newspaper announced that our favorite permanent government contractor UDOT was not starting around $4 Billion dollars worth of projects that were slated to start next year.

You may ask, why was I surprised. Well, perhaps it's cynicism about government, lack of faith in elected officials or just an overall negative vibe I get about government but I was actually happy to see this headline on Friday.

Many people are really broke up about all these projects that they want done and are throwing a hissy about their project not getting done. If I may be Frank for a moment and not Kirk. I applaud our state government and UDOT officials for this decision. They are practicing what I have been talking about in our nations plethora of failing businesses and industries asking for bailouts from the federal government, our state has made a very commendable decision.

It's not that they don't have the money now to fund the projects. It's the fact that they foresee some economic slowdowns ahead and are saving the money to meet the other obligations of government. Ho-rah! You mean government is saving it's money and looking into the future to avoid a shortfall in revenue? Good work.

It's not as if UDOT is going to let little potholes turn into big sinkholes, enveloping entire city blocks. They just aren't starting any new projects because the bonds they issue will be paid for by tax revenues(which are down). Imagine my surprise when I opened the paper and found a story of a government office exercising responsibility with tax dollars! As a result of these actions, I don't think that you will soon find the state of Utah lined up in the state bailout line behind California, New York and Nevada (who is by the way, lobbying officials to alter Nevada State law to decrease the legal gambling age to 18 to help out these poor, suffering casino owners that are verging on having to sell their 19th Ferrari to keep their penthouses.) They should really read our newspapers down there in sin city.

This announcement may affect some jobs in Utah, but maybe they will finally figure out that it doesn't take 10 guys to fill a pothole and practice a little business sense now that it seems like they are doing the right thing and pinch some pennies. Granted Utah state law mandates a balanced budget but I still give props to UDOT who has a little now-demonstrated clout when it talks about fiscal responsibility and looking into the future without reckless abandon (at least on the budget side).

Wednesday, November 19

A Little Over the TOP

So I spent the last 12 hours with some brilliant minds today. I had a conference with some economists and marketplace reps that gave some interesting perspective on the current financial situation in our country. The resounding consensus was a positive one. Yes, there are some major problems that the economy is going through and even some in the future. But for those who didn't retire last year without proper planning or those who were planning on retiring within the next year, your outlook should be one of educated confidence. These are not unprecedented times. Yes there are some changes that we will all have to deal with but faith in our system and our people should remain for a long term perspective.

I had an interesting experience the other day at lunch. Carin's dad and I went to Jake's Over the Top for lunch and walked in just in time. Following close behind was what sounded like a flock of wild geese in heat. I am hoping for humanity's sake that they were no older than college freshmen at Weber State. Probably 5 girls and 4 boys. If you've ever been to Jake's up by Weber State in Ogden, you know it is close dining quarters. As we sat and tried to eat our lunch, we had to strain to even hear ourselves talk over the incessant laughter, screaming, rough-housing and adolescent behavior unbecoming of anyone over the age of 3 or 4. We walked out and savored the relative silence that was Harrison Blvd during the lunchtime rush hour and both asked the question, "Why do girls think that is attractive to act like that around boys?" Having fortunately left that awkward dating stage behind, I did not envy those creatures seeking to impress the opposite sex. I had to seek further advice from my wife on the matter and she explained that it was a combo of two things that make girls act this way. I'll take her advice as she has a degree in this.

1. Nervousness around the boys. Obviously these girls were not shy but maybe nervous that they were not married at the ripe old age of 19.
2. To get attention in a group. I couldn't tell who made the most ruckus. They all did a pretty good job in my book.

My intent of this post is to make any young reader aware that as a third party to such obnoxious behavior, it is obvious that neither male nor female enjoys this environment. If you are a newly post-adolescent female trying to impress the male counterpart, try fewer decibels in the laughing department and acting like a lady. Honestly, you've already got the boys' attention. You are eating his cheese fries.

For guys, don't be afraid to tell the girls that they are making your ears bleed and would rather be kissing instead. Lunch would be much more enjoyable for the masses.

In the animal kingdom, I thought the males usually threw up their feathers and strutted to get the girls' favor? Perhaps they should be banned from public places until they've bred.

Tuesday, November 18

Count the Passes

Watch this video and leave a comment with your thoughts.

Sunday, November 16

Bailout of the Week

I read the newspaper again today. Seriously I need to stop. If it's not a story about angries protesting Proposition 8 or the Obama's new dog, it inevitably reverts back to a story about a laundry list of companies that are either on the verge of going out of business or are waiting to go out of business until they get some help from the government.

The "Big Three" automakers are on the verge of closing their doors. Ford, GM and Chrysler are the lifeblood of the Midwest economy and a major cog in the national economy. In 1979, Chrysler was struggling financially due to massive recalls on some of their more popular models. Their large gas guzzling cars in the 70's didn't help the situation any. Chrysler received government guarantees on loans in 1979 under Lee Ioacocca. Ioacocca, (who was former president of Ford Motor Company until 1978 and helped innovate the Ford Mustang-One of Ford's most successful and profitable lines) was fired by Ford. Ioacocca was snatched up by Chrysler and started making more fuel efficient and innovated new models that sold in record numbers. Ioacocca brought with him ideas for what is now called the mini-van and small, fuel efficient, compact, front wheel drive cars. They sold like hotcakes and the loans were paid back long before the government required.

The situation the "big three" find themselves in is hardly one of virgin origins. Like downturns of the past, no plan for the future, no innovative new models, no planning for global and economic changes. These big three automakers embody the epitome of reactionary economics. "Wait until something happens and the government will bail us out because they have in the past and we are too big to fail." Wait! I have a better idea!

Try American innovation. Henry Ford did. Try running a business like a household. In the black. Save some cash for a downturn or change in the economy when people might not be buying as many cars. Bet on the future. Imagine something unexpected. Like them or not, the Prius was an idea from Toyota that resonated with many people. Now GM makes hybrid models. Like the Tahoe. It used to get 15 mpg. Now it gets 20. Big flippin' horah! These are not new problems these companies face. The auto industry as a whole has forgotten the lessons of the past, ignored the warning signs and proceeded with reckless abandon with their business models that have proven to fail.

Can we blame all of the woes of the auto industry on automakers? No. They are, like many others, experiencing difficulty because of lack of credit and the current economy. One topic seldom brought up is the UAW (United Auto Workers) one of the country's largest unions. It has a stranglehold on the American car industry. I sat through a continuing education course on health insurance a while back and was stunned to hear that GM spent more on its employees' health care in 2007 than it did on steel. On steel! Unions have crippled the business with labor contracts so prohibitive and constricting, that the automakers are at an obvious competitive disadvantage with the rest of the world. I believe that Unions do have the workers' best interest at heart but tell me this...if GM goes out of business due to these labor conditions, what good are those benefits to a due-paying member of the union? UAW have publicly declared that they will make no more concessions to the auto industry. Why because you've made so many? Again I say bleh.

The same problem exists in the United States Postal Service. The Postal Workers' Union has done such a great job negotiating contracts throughout the years that 8 out of every 10 dollars are spent on USPS employee compensation and benefits. Tell me what business could survive that model? Perhaps that's why the USPS asked the government for a bailout this week. Double bleh.

If a car company's leadership approached congress with a massive program to innovate new products, change the way people bought cars, expanded new technologies that were actually beneficial and not just a political statement, how much more willing do you think the congress and the average taxpayer would be to lend these companies money? Otherwise, what good would taxpayer money do...delay the obviously inevitable? If you're interested in flushing money down the toilet, I'd suggest a do-it-yourself approach.

Oh by the way...if you're standing in line for a bailout, the line starts here and wraps around the block.

Saturday, November 15

Proposition 8-Forgive the Long Post

I haven't blogged about Proposition 8 because I see nothing good coming from the hate which spews forth most of the time when it's brought up. This doesn't mean I don't have an opinion. Although I have a strong opinion on the matter itself, most of my opinions have to do with the reaction of the people in opposition to Prop 8. A few thoughts before I hope this thing rests it's weary head.

1. Mormons donated over $15 Million dollars to pass proposition 8. More than any other group. I say great job in standing up for something you believe in.

2. Perhaps Mormons are protective of the traditional form of marriage because of the significance of marriage in their beliefs. As instituted by God, and evidenced by anatomy, a marriage and the act thereof is obviously meant to be between a man and a woman. Noone is telling a gay couple they can't love each other.

3. The state grants favorable rights to those who are married because of the apparent benefit of that marriage to society. I personally don't see the benefit that granting legal marriages to gay couples would bring our society. Every child deserves to be born into a home with a mother and a father. There are obviously examples of the abuse of procreative powers by those who are heterosexual as well.

4. Some gays may be treated differently because their "special sexuality" is often paraded and flaunted in such a way as to cause some sort of purposeful embarrassing discomfort to those who don't share their persuasions. This is no way implies that hate towards gays is justified, rather an explanation as to why they may be ignored or treated as obnoxious. Being gay in 2008 is NOT the same as being African American in the 50's. To suggest such is an insult to blacks. Gays have not been lynched, shot at, killed or made to sit in the back of the bus because they can't marry their partner.

5. A church that has only backed a handful of legislative battles in it's history is now labeled as the definitive source of all discriminatory evil by the gay community. Because Mormons showed massive support they are now labeled as the homophobic church. Bleh.

6. Mormons are obviously the freckle-faced red-headed kid standing in the corner of the playground that that no one likes and is easy pickings for protest. Why not the black Churches that supported it, why not the Catholics? Mormons have always been the low hanging fruit.

7. Boycotts-Enough with the talk of the gay-friendly community boycotting Utah, its ski resorts and film festivals. In protest, many say they won't bring their family back to Utah because of it's discrimination against gays is childish and worthless. On second thought...yes...stay home. They are more than within their rights to not go somewhere because of their beliefs but boycotts are outrageously ignorant. They never work and they only end up hurting people that are unintended victims. Get over yourself and boycott boycotts. On second thought, I am going to do business with those with enough guts to donate money in the name of their business. I ought to help out some of these donors whose businesses are now hurting because of political sabotage.

8. Challenging the Mormon church's tax status...Good one...A church or it's members can't mobilize in a free and democratic process to protect something they believe in? Welcome the the Soviet States of America. Perhaps these people should look in the mirror at their own "tax exempt organizations" (Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NAACP etc. etc. etc.) and see how many liberal policies are formed in these groups. The Mormon church's teachings throughout the past have influenced Mormons' thinking for decades and not the letter that was read throughout the church in June. The letter simply encouraged the action on those beliefs. Faith if you may.

9. Vandalism and intimidation. Those that choose this form of "protest" are deplorable and a disgrace to the freedoms and democracy they so freely use to express their opinions. These acts have no place in a democratic election. Vandalism and intimidation for reason of religious affiliation or political leaning are not covered under the rights afforded them by the Constitution. Perhaps they should try reading the document they so often refer to.

10. I'm cutting this off at number ten....If those for Proposition 8 had lost in the election, they would have been expected to roll over and take it. There would be no churches to protest. There would be no places of worship to vandalize. And if they did protest against the decision, they'd have been label haters, bigots and the such. Double Standard? Now that California has spoken by way of ballot and not judge, there is obviously dissatisfaction with the political processes here in America. Obviously California holds a special place in the gay community's heart-40 other states in our Union have banned gay marriage either by constitutional amendment or through elected officials. Maybe California was the Battle of Little Big Horn. We can only hope.

Thursday, November 13

Naked President in an Elevator

Three random thoughts tonight.....

I'm going to start taking the stairs at work. The elevator has always been an awkward space for me. Waiting for the elevator, making small talk with someone for 7 seconds, getting off on the wrong floor because I'm so nervous about talking to this stranger and the worst-scanning your card. You see not everyone at the office has an underground parking spot. You have to scan your "Special" card to get down there. So when you climb in the elevator and scan your card to go down it's almost an inadvertent "Hey look at me everybody, my sweet ride doesn't even get rained on!" Little do they know it's a yard truck with rose clippings in the back. I'm not saying anything. Elevators are a horrible invention.

Second, the stock market had it's 3rd biggest rally day in history. Apparently it was because President Bush made a speech this afternoon touting the benefits of capitalism. Honestly? We need to hear that capitalism is the way to go? He asked us all to give capitalism a chance to work. Thanks....that speech alone regained $700 Billion worth of wealth in our country. I would like to be president and do a daily experiment on the power of my own words. On Mondays, I would say things like, "I love to pluck my own ear hair." I would then have a young staffer monitor the national sales of tweezers. The next day, I might suggest that Oreos are really the worlds greatest health food. You can only imagine the fun I would have with the absolute power of suggestion. I would also be the president of the people as I would be open to public suggestion for these experimental speeches.

Third a lesson from my 3 year old daughter. A little background...She is in dance class. We have three floor-to-ceiling windows in the front room that, at night, are almost as reflective as the mirrors at dance class. At bath time she is in charge of getting herself jay-bird naked to get in the tub. This usually happens in front of these open windows. The last three days she got down to her birthday suit with the exception of her socks and does a naked plie for her daddy in front of the whole neighborhood while calmly proclaiming her actions with a simple "Plie!". We've now moved her dressing room to the bathroom in an effort to preserve her future reputation in the neighborhood and retain some sort of modesty. It made me ask myself the question, if I was completely naive and trusting in the world what I would do if I didn't think anyone was watching. As ideas ran through my head, you can bet I considered the naked dance in front of the windows.

Wednesday, November 12

Merry Christmas...Now Go get yourself a Ferrari

Do you remember the seagulls on "Finding Nemo"? Mine.mine.mine.mine.mine.mine. I found their human equivilents.

I wonder sometimes why there is so much distrust in the financial services industry. Probably for the following reasons.

1. American Express Financial Advisors. It always made me wonder why anyone would think it was a good idea to get your financial planning advice from a credit card company. To boot, earlier this week AMEX credit card division abandoned its status as a credit company and gained Federal reserve approval to be a bank holding company so it could be eligible for Federal TARP funding. It apparently needs $3.5 Billion to stay in business.

2. E-trade. The do-it-yourself-because-you-know-better-than-a-professional website that touts being the discount broker is also asking the government for $800 Million. It's apparently made some bad investments in home equity loans. sniff...sniff.....

3. American International Group. Our favorite "world's largest corporation" AIG has spent the initial $85 Billion from the taxpayer and now wants a piece of the financial pie. But not much. Just another $40 Billion.

4. Merrill Lynch. A standard of supposed strength in brokerage houses is now a subsidiary of the Bank of America. Obviously a good acquisition since Bank of America is asking the government for $15 Billion in addition to the $10 Billion Merrill Lynch already received. "Honey, we are bankrupt. But my friend has a Ferrari and I bought it so it wouldn't be repossessed."

5. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. The last two investment bankers in the world. Not anymore. They have died their hair and got a little plastic surgery and are now bank holding companies-enabling them to ask the treasury for a sugar-daddy loan. Apparently they have a need to reach their hand in the treat bag as well. At the tune of $25 Billion a piece.

This hasn't stopped Wall Street Bankers from getting their year end bonuses. Somewhere around $200,000 a piece. Merry Christmas to you. ooops.. I mean Happy Holidays.

I can't understand why people are so cautious about big corporations that handle their money. It just doesn't make any sense. Do you think if I sit hear with my mouth wide open, do you think the government would drop something in my mouth for doing nothing? Oh yeah...that's the welfare program. Silly me.

Monday, November 10

Ye-Haw Buckaroo.

Two posts in one day I know...but in an effort to understand the reason why so many people in our country have leaned to the left, I consulted the thesaurus. I found my answer.

For your consideration
The thesaurus defines conservatism as bourgeois, constant, controlled, conventional, die-hard, fearful, firm, fogyish, fuddy-duddy*, guarded, hard hat, hidebound, holding to, illiberal, in a rut, inflexible, middle-of-the-road*, not extreme, obstinate, old guard*, old line, orthodox, quiet, reactionary, redneck*, right, right of center, right-wing, sober, stable, steady, timid, Tory, traditional, traditionalistic, unchangeable, unchanging, uncreative, undaring, unimaginative, unprogressive, white bread

Liberalism is defined as advanced, avant-garde, broad, broad-minded, enlightened, flexible, free, general, high-minded, humanistic, humanitarian, indulgent, intelligent, interested, latitudinarian, left, lenient, libertarian, loose, magnanimous, permissive, radical, rational, reasonable, receiving, receptive, reformist, tolerant, unbiased, unbigoted, unconventional, understanding, unorthodox, unprejudiced

Which would you pick to be labeled? Redneck or Intelligent? Obviously the younger generation in particular chooses to take the route of the populist. Perhaps it's the written definition of conservatism and the way conservatives are perceived that drive people to their pre-conceived notions about conservatism. I, for one, do not feel that a conservative is unimaginative, unprogessive and "white bread". There are plenty of free thinkers out there that are conservatives. Perhaps what is needed is a redefinition of the word conservatism or at least an explanation of what a conservative stands for.

I'll do my best.

Conservatism- the school of thought that America was built on standards, and moral foundations that have served our country well and should not be abandoned. Conservatism does not equal racism, bigotry, prejudice or the umbrella of the uncreative. And I triple-dog-dare anyone to debate that. Perhaps there are those in the Republican party that call themselves conservative that embody these unwanted virtues, however I don't appreciate being labeled as a dogmatic sheep that is afraid of anything that doesn't speak English or have ancestral origins in western Europe. I'm my own thinker, and I don't appreciate being told I am an idiot for believing in traditional values. I ask the question-"What's left in our society outside of our own Sunday worship that identifies our country as one that believes in anything but itself?" It's under attack in our anthem, on our money, gone in our schools, and mocked in our media. I find value in standing up for the only part of our political/social system that seems to have any trace of moral worth left to be found in an ever increasing, godless and secularist society. Does this mean I am a religious fanatic? No. Does this mean I want everyone to convert to Christianity at the end of a bayonet? No. I do believe that when government has the ability to remove all likeness of religion from our lives and is run without morals and the thinking of men trumps what a man's conscience and heart dictates to him as moral, then we can all sit back and watch the country let her last air bubble rise to the surface as we see our country sink into the black abyss that is apathetic acceptance of secularism. I choose not to ignore this. I'm a conservative and if the dictionary and the masses label that a redneck, I say ye-haw buckaroo.

Pass the Duct Tape!

Here is something interesting and disturbing. Valerie Jarrett, the co-chair of the Obama transition team, must be feeling a little sheepish among her colleagues today after her appearance on Meet the Press. President elect Obama will of course be ready to to rule our country as soon as the mantel falls. In what country do we live again? Perhaps there's been a little confusion among the transition team. Although there will likely me magical waterfalls, emissions free unicorns who've mastered their evacuative functions to reduce CO2 and monarch butterflies dancing atop honey covered lollipops after January 20th, I don't think we live in a new fantasy land ruled by a messianic ruler the likes C.S. Lewis never imagined for the Chronicles of Narnia.

As I recall, we now see on every news outlet the liberals of our fine country claiming to be the victors of party politics and the flag bearers of post-partisanship. It's been a while since I earned my "Citizenship in the Nation" merit badge but it may be time to open the text book and realize that the word "civics" refers to more than just an economical little Honda.

If I wanted to be ruled I would live in Venezuela, Russia, Iran or the likes.

Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps we are being ruled already under guise of democracy. I'd just like to think that the freedoms and liberties that our military forces have so bravely fought and died for are not so trivial as to make such a remark that our country will soon be ruled by Obama and his socialist minions.

And Happy 233rd Birthday to the Marine Corps. Thank you for your service.

Obama's transition team may have to use a bit of duct tape to keep the Freuds in his circle from slipping again.

Speaking of duct tape, these guys have way too much time on their hands. Click here. Very entertaining.

Sunday, November 9

Will you please pass the Blackberry Jam?

My wife is awesome. She is the model wife. Example. She understands that I think if I am talking, she is listening. She also understands that if she's talking to me, it's really a crap shoot to assume that I am giving her the same respect. She deals with me with great understanding.

I say incredibly stupid things that would make most women cry off a whole tube of mascara and lock themselves in the bedroom until they received a pound of chocolate to open the door and discuss the gross negligence of her husband in the sensitivity department. She just looks at me and gives me the "grace period" to correct myself. I usually catch on in the first awkward 10-20 seconds that I should stop the brain, rewind the stenographic transcription and see what it was that I just said that didn't sit right. If I don't try to overdue the apology, she usually just laughs and we both realize that our brains work on different networks. However, if I try too hard to make things right, I have obviously forgotten that I have just parachuted myself into a dormant mine field and apologies are best left to "I'm sorry. I love you."

Yesterday we had friends over to try dutch oven beef brisket, bread and potatoes and I'm not so sure that something in brisket doesn't make me have crazy dreams. Either that or the cup of bacon grease used to cook the cheesy potatoes. Exhibit A for your consideration. The conversation last night turned to how much she likes my Blackberry addiction. Obviously I tried to change the subject but the eyes had already been rolled back in the head, her head had shaken and I knew it was coming. Her opinions made clear that I may have a bit of a problem. So last night in the depths of slumber, in un-wife like fashion, my wife presented me with a list of 10 Blackberry conduct rules. She called it the Blackberry Ultimatum.
1. Don't use your Blackberry at the dinner table.

2. Don't check your email on the Blackberry after you leave the office.

3. Don't write blog entries on the Blackberry.

4. Don't use Google Maps while driving.

5. Don't use the Blackberry for Facebook.

6. Don't drop everything you're doing to see who just emailed you.
7. Don't check your email in the middle of the night.

As we walked and talked about the list, I rebutted after #7, "So what's the point of having a Blackberry?" I realize this was one of those moments to say you're sorry and admit you're an idiot but instead I got a Facebook friend request on the Blackberry and had to run. I guess I don't see what the big deal is. That doesn't change the fact that she's by far the best wife I've ever had.
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Friday, November 7

I got gas

On a personal note, I have had a knot in my back for days that will not go away. I was thinking maybe it was ORSD. (Obama-Related Stress Disorder) However, today I have figured out what's ailing me. I got Gas.

This fall, I've been doing my part to rid my family from its dependence on foreign oil. I bought a motorcycle in August. I have traveled 2000 miles on two wheels since August and have left my 1991 4x4 Toyota Pickup in the driveway 95% of the time. In addition to awesome acceleration and an ear drum-damaging exhaust note, the bike gets me 56 mpg. Before I dog too much on the truck, I have to admit that it gets me a freakishly good 33 mpg hauling a dirt bike and a trailer carrying a 4-wheeler. That being said, I figure the bike saved me about $300 in gas this fall. I filled it up in August with gas and just yesterday, I had to drive it to Salt Lake for work and so I filled it up. (I had a $50 gift card I won at a business meeting that was only good in SLC) That's three months people. I can handle 4 tanks of gas a year.

So if you're on the fence about a motorcycle...or you are a wife that is concerned about your country's dependence on foreign oil, you have to get over yourself and let your husband get a motorcycle! It's for the good of the country! Imagine if we all did such a patriotic thing as buy a motorcycle! We could give OPEC one big collective biker "finger"

*At the time of this posting the author owned stock in 5 major motorcycle manufacturers

Wednesday, November 5

A Historic and Circumstantial Rise to Power

Ever since I lived in Austria, I have been fascinated with the Nazi's rise to power and the circumstances that led to the third reich having so much power. I have recently been reading Hitler's orations and trying to find similarities in our current political landscape. If you read Hilter's words in German they carry a much more convincing tone than the translations.

At the end of the First World War, the Allies badly bobbled the responsibility to resolve the underlying causes of the war and put the German Republic in a position where it could not escape the responsibility for having accepted the armistice and the Peace Treaty of Versailles. There was a lot of animosity in the parliamentary democracy of Germany at the time and it just so happened that during this time of political dissatisfaction, world economic events thrust German industry and economy into complete oblivion. In Oct of 1929 the stock market crashed, and American investors started calling their money back from overseas. This resulted in a European credit crunch that saw significant bank failures in Germany and England. This is the time when Britain left the Gold Standard. Mass poverty, unemployment and distrust reined throughout Europe. Through this economic collapse, many people naturally blamed capitalism for their down-troddeness and blamed the corporations and big businesses. In fact, the problem was non-regulation, greed and investor naivety. This set the stage for an orator the likes Germany had never seen. Someone who clashed against all that was wrong in the world, invoked class-warfare and championed the ideal of government for the middle class. These ideals rang true for many Germans. And he had broad-based support.

I find it ironic that Hitler's rise to such absolute power was mostly due to world events outside his control or ability to manage. His luck came as he smartly put himself in a position to rise to power on the anger of the people for their failed government-not for his own policies. Hate became a powerful motivator for him.

Hilter said in 1922, referring to England, "...Already in those early days they saw to it shrewdly that here were always two or three groups apparently hostile to each other, but in fact all hanging on a gold thread, the whole designed to take account of a human characteristic - that the longer a man possesses an object, the more readily he grows tired of it. He craves something new: therefore one needs two parties. The one is in office, the other in opposition. When the one has played itself out, then the opposition party comes into power, and the party which has had its day is now in its turn the opposition. After twenty years the new party itself has once more played itself out and the game begins afresh. In truth this is a highly ingenious mill in which the interests of a nation are ground very small. As everyone knows, this system is given some such name as 'Self-Government of a People.'

Call me nuts but it sounds to me like he hit the nail on the head. This was no idiot folks..crazy..but no idiot. He came right out and said what he was going to do-create a national Socialistic government that would be completely different than what they had. He told the people that the evil Americans/English had a broken party political system that saw a transfer of power when the masses became dissatisfied. He in fact used the same dissatisfaction to rise to power. He told them exactly what he was going to do years before he did it. And no one saw it coming. If you read this and substitute Obama's (and others) circumstantial rise to power with that of Hilter's you wouldn't have to do anything but change the dates.

Obama blamed everything on Bush and his administration and Hilter blamed everything bad in the world on the "war-profiteering" Jews. There is always a scapegoat, someone or something evil and wrong with the world- a blame sponge to soak up the evils. "Once they are out of the picture, we will govern the way we want." This is what incited such hatred for the Jews. They weren't evil, they just got blamed for every bad thing that happened to Germany-especially the wars. Hilter become drunk on power that obviously led him to do horrendous things but I can't say with certainty that he was evil from the beginning. But I do think he was racist and an egomaniac to begin with. It is almost impossible for a man with complete dictatorial control to remain level-headed and govern rationally. I see the majority of our country's citizens desiring a move more and more to that of a dictatorship. They want one man to be able to change the whole government, change their lives, change every aspect of what they see wrong with the world. You must be careful what you wish for.

Could this same story be true with a Republican ousting a Democrat? Perhaps it could. Hilter was the right wing in his political day ousting the existing "progressive" party.

I've shared these ideas with friends and have decided to blog them. By posting this, I know I put myself out there as being labeled a racist radical because I don't like Obama and anyone who's read my blog can clearly see that. Many people hear the name Hilter and throw up the race/hate blockade and stop listening. To call me racist is false and childish. If it offends you, I'm sorry. I don't care. I am not comparing Obama and Hilter's policies nor am I comparing them as individuals. I am comparing their circumstantial and historic rise to power. There are many similarities. Dissatisfaction with current government, wars and leadership, economic uncertainty, credit crisis, bank failure, unemployment, inflation and ultimately overthrow. My objective in writing this post is to make people aware that leadership is obtained by those lucky enough to be the benefactor of circumstance.

Not taking anything away from the historic night that Nov. 4 was, I can still expose the tactics used by every politician-that of blaming the masses sad misfortune on someone else to leverage "hope" and "change"-true motivating human principles. I am no fan of the current political system...the way it's run....the way we transfer accountability to the government in the name of the common good when in reality we stop thinking and doing for ourselves and place the vast power of our country in the hands of men and women we trust to do the right thing with our country.

Obama has never once told a stadium full of supporters that if they are behind on their mortgage or credit cards to go out and get a second job, earn some extra money, scrape together all your resources and pull yourself out of it. He's never told college hopefuls to get a job and save and invest for their own college. His answer to everything is.."Elect me and we will Change our Country for the better." This is not motivation..it is holding that person's head underwater and watching him drown.

I welcome comment and opposing viewpoints-obviously I am the minority now that Obama has secured the election. But if you take offense because I invoked the name of Hilter in an effort to understand and convey history and our current Obamian political landscape please go to the library and check out some history books before arguing with me.

Tuesday, November 4

A moment of silence for Racism

I almost feel obligated to write something tonight. I think it is wonderful that African Americans have a successful role model to look up to. I am glad that a black man is able to be elected POTUS. We have obviously shown that race doesn't matter in America. Let's all bask in the glory of the historic evening, wake up tomorrow and move on. Obama was the benefactor of much support by the younger generation who came out and voted, across racial lines in part to prove to the world and themselves that America is where it should be. Now let's ignore race. If we have truly moved on from racial inequality, why do we need to even talk about it? I understand the excitement but bringing up race only deepens the divide. It rubs an intolerant history of bigotry in the face of every white person in America-the vast majority of whom are not racist and had nothing to do with the past. However, I will probably be labeled a racist for my comments but If I am labeled a racist for disagreeing with Obama on issues, I am not the racist...but the accuser who acknowledges race is a factor. Racism can take on many forms including favoritism. Let's all live off the same standard.....forget about race and look at the person not for his/her background but how he or she will govern. I would be writing this same post regarding sexism if Hillary had won. I guess that makes me a sexist and a racist.

I don't agree with Obama's views or policies but he will be the next POTUS. I do think that a certain respect is owed this office. I may not respect the man but I will respect the office and will teach my children the same. At the top of my racist list reside Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the likes who will need to find another line of work because it is clear that America is no longer in need of professional race-baiters. America has proven herself tolerant hasn't she?

Do as I tax, Not as I do......

Perhaps the democratic socialist party would like to know the reason why their candidates support an even more progressive tax code. They have apparently had a rough time redistributing their own wealth. Perhaps with a new tax code they can create a kind of forced charity for themselves. I have to actually laugh at this because it is so hypocritical. If you want to know the character of the man you're voting for, perhaps you ought to examine how he practices what he preaches. Nevermind....if he preached this, he'd want 10%.....we all know that's impossible to do.

Barack and Michelle Obama had an average annual income of more than $500,000 between 2000 and 2006, but only gave two percent of their income for charitable purposes.

The Bidens' income averaged $260,000 over the last 10 years, but they averaged just $650 a year in charitable giving.

And the cherry on top.....last week in Florida.....

"We want to do this, change our tax code... John McCain and, and Sarah Palin, uh, they, they call this socialistic. You know I, I, I don't know when, when, uh, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness." ---Barack H. Obama

Monday, November 3

Tomorrow's Morrow

What will America be like on Wednesday? Obviously not like this. Our lives won't change on a daily level. Any changes that we experience with a McCain or Obama administration will be slow. Americans don't like to have their "cheese moved" and American politicians, however grossly negligent they seem/are, are not blind to the fact that it takes time to move the country in a certain direction. The government will still give us the appearance of a balanced and solidly- founded checked-and-balanced government. My distrust of their real motives comes from not what they have said in the campaigns but what the machine of Washington has done to our elected officials in the past.

If I could ask one question of each presidential candidate with a guarantee of a truthful answer it would be, "Sir, if you could snap your fingers and transform America in an instant into your ideal America, without political consequence, what would your America look like?" Without the smoke and mirror of the talking points I swear I've heard from both sides a thousand times, I fear these truthful answers might frighten me. Does Obama really want a more community-based socialistic society while cutting taxes? Does John McCain mean what he says when he calls for energy independence and more oversight of the economic powers that be?

Since Monroe, our presidency has been occupied by a career politician. Up to Monroe, the founding fathers saw themselves as statesmen and not politicians. There was little dissent from the ideals of the constitution. George Washington was elected unanimously to the office of President twice. Americans knew who he was, what he stood for and how he would lead the country. Here it is the night before the election and I still can't answer these simple questions about our two "real choices" Mr. More-Evil and Mr. Less-Evil.

My feeling of anticipation for this election is not an excited positive anticipation like biting your nails in the 4th quarter hoping that your favorite team can pull it out. It's more like a kid waiting for his dad to get home to tell him he wrecked the car and just wants the punishment to start to get it over with. All I can say is thank goodness it will all be over tomorrow.

Sunday, November 2

And a Child shall lead them...

I was impressed and humbled on Friday when my wife and I had a conversation with our 3 year old daughter after the donut party and MDA fundraiser. We had already had a family discussion for family night about what we were doing for the fundraiser and why we were trying to raise money. As we cleaned up the party and counted the money in the boot, I asked my daughter if she wanted to donate some change. She excitedly said yes and ran in to get her piggy bank. I helped her pull some money out and explained to her again why we were donating money. I asked her if she wanted to give a dollar bill and she responded with an enthusiastic YES! I started putting the rest of the money away and she said "Daddy, what did you do with the other monies?" I responded that I had put it away in the piggy bank. She looked at me and said, "I want to do another one. I want to give another one to the scientists." I pulled out another dollar and asked her if that was good. She said no. She ran in and got a second piggy bank where she keeps change I give her for helping me outside in the yard and pulled out more money until her donation equalled $5.68. I watched in wonder as my little girl counted her quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies until she had emptied her little piggy bank of all of her change and deposited each one by one into the boot.

It was a moment I will never forget. My little girl showed me once again the most important things in life are not things and made me a grateful father that God sent us such a sweet and generous spirit. We try to teach her what she needs to know to be a decent and polite person but I often feel that roles are reversed in these regards.