"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, November 13

Naked President in an Elevator

Three random thoughts tonight.....

I'm going to start taking the stairs at work. The elevator has always been an awkward space for me. Waiting for the elevator, making small talk with someone for 7 seconds, getting off on the wrong floor because I'm so nervous about talking to this stranger and the worst-scanning your card. You see not everyone at the office has an underground parking spot. You have to scan your "Special" card to get down there. So when you climb in the elevator and scan your card to go down it's almost an inadvertent "Hey look at me everybody, my sweet ride doesn't even get rained on!" Little do they know it's a yard truck with rose clippings in the back. I'm not saying anything. Elevators are a horrible invention.

Second, the stock market had it's 3rd biggest rally day in history. Apparently it was because President Bush made a speech this afternoon touting the benefits of capitalism. Honestly? We need to hear that capitalism is the way to go? He asked us all to give capitalism a chance to work. Thanks....that speech alone regained $700 Billion worth of wealth in our country. I would like to be president and do a daily experiment on the power of my own words. On Mondays, I would say things like, "I love to pluck my own ear hair." I would then have a young staffer monitor the national sales of tweezers. The next day, I might suggest that Oreos are really the worlds greatest health food. You can only imagine the fun I would have with the absolute power of suggestion. I would also be the president of the people as I would be open to public suggestion for these experimental speeches.

Third a lesson from my 3 year old daughter. A little background...She is in dance class. We have three floor-to-ceiling windows in the front room that, at night, are almost as reflective as the mirrors at dance class. At bath time she is in charge of getting herself jay-bird naked to get in the tub. This usually happens in front of these open windows. The last three days she got down to her birthday suit with the exception of her socks and does a naked plie for her daddy in front of the whole neighborhood while calmly proclaiming her actions with a simple "Plie!". We've now moved her dressing room to the bathroom in an effort to preserve her future reputation in the neighborhood and retain some sort of modesty. It made me ask myself the question, if I was completely naive and trusting in the world what I would do if I didn't think anyone was watching. As ideas ran through my head, you can bet I considered the naked dance in front of the windows.


Michelle said...

That's so cute about your daughter. I love the innocence of children, too bad we all have to grow up and grow out of that.

About elevators, I agree. I try to avoid elevators because of the akwardness you described. Plus, the stairs add a little exercise to a normally routine thing.

Carlee Hoopes said...

I agree. The elevator is a horrible invention. Some of my most awkward moments have happened in elevators.

I wonder if that's why you don't see floor to ceiling windows very much anymore. People would rather put their windows up higher so they can go around naked. That's what we do at least. JUST KIDDING! I actually think those windows are awesome though, although, it was probably a good idea that you moved Taylor's changing place. :)