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Saturday, November 15

Proposition 8-Forgive the Long Post

I haven't blogged about Proposition 8 because I see nothing good coming from the hate which spews forth most of the time when it's brought up. This doesn't mean I don't have an opinion. Although I have a strong opinion on the matter itself, most of my opinions have to do with the reaction of the people in opposition to Prop 8. A few thoughts before I hope this thing rests it's weary head.

1. Mormons donated over $15 Million dollars to pass proposition 8. More than any other group. I say great job in standing up for something you believe in.

2. Perhaps Mormons are protective of the traditional form of marriage because of the significance of marriage in their beliefs. As instituted by God, and evidenced by anatomy, a marriage and the act thereof is obviously meant to be between a man and a woman. Noone is telling a gay couple they can't love each other.

3. The state grants favorable rights to those who are married because of the apparent benefit of that marriage to society. I personally don't see the benefit that granting legal marriages to gay couples would bring our society. Every child deserves to be born into a home with a mother and a father. There are obviously examples of the abuse of procreative powers by those who are heterosexual as well.

4. Some gays may be treated differently because their "special sexuality" is often paraded and flaunted in such a way as to cause some sort of purposeful embarrassing discomfort to those who don't share their persuasions. This is no way implies that hate towards gays is justified, rather an explanation as to why they may be ignored or treated as obnoxious. Being gay in 2008 is NOT the same as being African American in the 50's. To suggest such is an insult to blacks. Gays have not been lynched, shot at, killed or made to sit in the back of the bus because they can't marry their partner.

5. A church that has only backed a handful of legislative battles in it's history is now labeled as the definitive source of all discriminatory evil by the gay community. Because Mormons showed massive support they are now labeled as the homophobic church. Bleh.

6. Mormons are obviously the freckle-faced red-headed kid standing in the corner of the playground that that no one likes and is easy pickings for protest. Why not the black Churches that supported it, why not the Catholics? Mormons have always been the low hanging fruit.

7. Boycotts-Enough with the talk of the gay-friendly community boycotting Utah, its ski resorts and film festivals. In protest, many say they won't bring their family back to Utah because of it's discrimination against gays is childish and worthless. On second thought...yes...stay home. They are more than within their rights to not go somewhere because of their beliefs but boycotts are outrageously ignorant. They never work and they only end up hurting people that are unintended victims. Get over yourself and boycott boycotts. On second thought, I am going to do business with those with enough guts to donate money in the name of their business. I ought to help out some of these donors whose businesses are now hurting because of political sabotage.

8. Challenging the Mormon church's tax status...Good one...A church or it's members can't mobilize in a free and democratic process to protect something they believe in? Welcome the the Soviet States of America. Perhaps these people should look in the mirror at their own "tax exempt organizations" (Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NAACP etc. etc. etc.) and see how many liberal policies are formed in these groups. The Mormon church's teachings throughout the past have influenced Mormons' thinking for decades and not the letter that was read throughout the church in June. The letter simply encouraged the action on those beliefs. Faith if you may.

9. Vandalism and intimidation. Those that choose this form of "protest" are deplorable and a disgrace to the freedoms and democracy they so freely use to express their opinions. These acts have no place in a democratic election. Vandalism and intimidation for reason of religious affiliation or political leaning are not covered under the rights afforded them by the Constitution. Perhaps they should try reading the document they so often refer to.

10. I'm cutting this off at number ten....If those for Proposition 8 had lost in the election, they would have been expected to roll over and take it. There would be no churches to protest. There would be no places of worship to vandalize. And if they did protest against the decision, they'd have been label haters, bigots and the such. Double Standard? Now that California has spoken by way of ballot and not judge, there is obviously dissatisfaction with the political processes here in America. Obviously California holds a special place in the gay community's heart-40 other states in our Union have banned gay marriage either by constitutional amendment or through elected officials. Maybe California was the Battle of Little Big Horn. We can only hope.


Concerned Citizen said...

well argued, common sense is tough to find nowadays. you may want to check out this blog. same topic a little different perspective.

Kirk said...

Interesting take...it seems common sense is an most evasive virtue nowadays.

Michelle said...

You said what I've been thinking. I loved how you put the whole "double standard" part. The reactions of people have been bothering me as well but like you said, nothing good comes us adding to the hatred and anger that are already displayed by opponents of Prop 8, though I do appreciate your thoughts about the subject.

Erin said...

i'm not finished reading this yet, but i have to respond to number 6 while it's in my head:

why is the gay community not going after the blacks who voted for it? because then the gay community would then be accusing blacks of being bigots... interesting conundrum.

fox is head-banging to your collective soul stuff here.

Kirk said...

The reason that gays don't attack blacks is because they identify with them. They think that the "plight" of homosexuality is somehow linked as a civil right to the horrendous treatment that black Americans received during civil rights movement. They are afraid to criticize because of the enormous sensitivity surrounding civil rights. Why don't they demand that Pres-Elect Obama take a public stance on gay marriage? He supports civil unions and gay rights but doesn't think that we should grant the same benefits to gays as we do to traditional marriage. I'd like to see them protest and Obama headquarters. Won't ever happen. They all see themselves on the same "team". Those hell bent on changing and redefining anything that resembles christian, traditional, or conservative values. Don't these people have jobs?