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Tuesday, November 4

A moment of silence for Racism

I almost feel obligated to write something tonight. I think it is wonderful that African Americans have a successful role model to look up to. I am glad that a black man is able to be elected POTUS. We have obviously shown that race doesn't matter in America. Let's all bask in the glory of the historic evening, wake up tomorrow and move on. Obama was the benefactor of much support by the younger generation who came out and voted, across racial lines in part to prove to the world and themselves that America is where it should be. Now let's ignore race. If we have truly moved on from racial inequality, why do we need to even talk about it? I understand the excitement but bringing up race only deepens the divide. It rubs an intolerant history of bigotry in the face of every white person in America-the vast majority of whom are not racist and had nothing to do with the past. However, I will probably be labeled a racist for my comments but If I am labeled a racist for disagreeing with Obama on issues, I am not the racist...but the accuser who acknowledges race is a factor. Racism can take on many forms including favoritism. Let's all live off the same standard.....forget about race and look at the person not for his/her background but how he or she will govern. I would be writing this same post regarding sexism if Hillary had won. I guess that makes me a sexist and a racist.

I don't agree with Obama's views or policies but he will be the next POTUS. I do think that a certain respect is owed this office. I may not respect the man but I will respect the office and will teach my children the same. At the top of my racist list reside Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the likes who will need to find another line of work because it is clear that America is no longer in need of professional race-baiters. America has proven herself tolerant hasn't she?


Brien said...

More of us are racists that we'd like to admit. In fact, my belief is that all of us, regardless of our own race, is racist to some extent. It's natural, and so we have to determine what we're going to do with those racist thoughts or feelings we experience. That's the real test.

I think we have to be careful in how we label racism. I'm not sure someone bringing up race in a discussion really constitutes racism. And I'm also not sure that claiming "colorblindness" when it comes to race is really the absence of racism.

Whether we like it or not, our country has a nasty history of racism, sexism, faithism, etc. To claim "when I look at a person, I don't see race or color or sex" is dangerous. It implies a willful ignorance of the plight of different groups of people in our country. A plight that, try as hard as we can, is real and exists. Ignoring it doesn't mean it's disappeared.

That being said, I do think that we need to work to move beyond racism as most people understand it. We're not there yet, but it is good to celebrate the progress we've made.

Carlee Hoopes said...

My thoughts exactly.

Kirk said...

I'm glad those are your beliefs because i don't belive that we are all racist. If we can't get past it completely, then we are all just liars when we act like it doesn't matter. I can ignore the past. I can act like our country has always treated each of us with respect. I can behave like it hasn't happened because when I treat an African American like a victim of racism, it doesn't further his cause any. You know that. If we move past it and focus on how we will treat each other in the future, then what does the past matter in these regards?

J.Comics said...

Good post brother Chugg. I try my hardest to look at everyone with the same eyes, and it works, for the most part. Like when I see Obama, I don't see a black man, I see a man running for president, when I talk to my friends of different origins, I don't see their origins.
But I do think that there are major racial divides in other parts of the country, I think that because we live in a sheltered place like Utah, we do not see all that we can see. Don't get me wrong, we see plenty of stuff here in Utah, but I don't think race is one of them. Although it really does exist, My mom can shed more light on the issue as well.