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Wednesday, November 26

Thank you KSL!

Deseret News/ KSL-TV has done another wonderful piece of reporting in the Deseret News this week. Yesterday's paper had the following headline "Obama urges swift stimulus action" Directly below was a poll, which I have tried to take a picture of and post here. The poll asked a total of 406 people if they are currently employed. 57% said yes and 43% said no. Excuse me?! This jumped off the page at first (which I think goes along with their investigative reporting tactics that scare you to death to breathe on a foggy day when it's a full moon) What surprised me even more than Utah apparently having a 43% unemployment rate was the headline next to it that was related to the poll. "JOBS: Most Utah workers say they'll be employed in '09." Really? The same 406 people you asked if they were unemployed? Even more surprising was the fact that about 20% of the text in the article was explaining their poll numbers. "Twenty eight percent of the respondents were over the age 65 and most all of these people said they were not working. But 23 to 30 percent of those in the other age groups interviewed also said they were not employed, with the exception of those ages 35-44. For that age group just 12 percent said they were not employed"

Thanks for explaining yourself! You might want to conduct a poll of "workers" on people who are actually "working". Is this not alarming to anyone else? The poll on the front page was practically fabricated to induce reading. They might want to stop setting up their polling stations at the senior center and the local Labor Ready. I don't think that a poll of 406 people has much if many clout at all...and I didn't even go to journalism school. If Utah had even a 12% unemployment rate, we'd be more than twice the national average. Now that would be a front page news story!

In reaction to the Headline about the need for another stimulus, (which we were so nicely excluded from), I took this picture today at Costco. It is the line after checkout to show your receipt to just get out the door. There were so many people there on a Wednesday afternoon that had already paid, that the line was about 50 people long to just get out of the place. Most weren't just buying cheese and a pair of pants either. Apparently 50" flat screens were the hot buy today. Maybe KSL should do a news story about how there seems to be no recession or slow-down in spending in an isolated area of South Ogden Utah.

KSL might be better served to just run a classifieds site and call it good.


Carlee Hoopes said...

Seriously. Once in a while they may air something worth watching, but 9 times out of 10 it seems they're just digging for a good story and playing on the emotions of the masses...as evidenced recently with the whole blogging warning they aired, which I won't go into on your blog.

They do have a good classified system going on though. Good point.

Carlee Hoopes said...

Did you at least get some samples at Costco? Or did you go too late? You gotta go Saturday around 1. That's when they whip out the best ones.

BenJoe said...

Is South Ogden recession proof?

Kirk said...

Ben, Thanks for the link. I'm excited to read through some of your posts. I'm always amazed that I always struggling to find a parking place at practically every store I go to. Not limited to South Ogden BTW!