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Friday, November 28

The reason they make Movie Theatres

Why do men love Bond? Bond Movies have always epitomised the manly man's idea of a testosterone-filled mission that incorporates every aspect of a man's fantasy land; full of masterfully crafted car chases in supercars, willy-nilly gun fights (without consequence) and mysteriously exotic women. Daniel Craig is the perfect Bond...no wonder the women like to help him find his stationary. My review of the new Quantum of Solace can be summed up in Bond-like fashion. Good..........Very Good.


Carlee Hoopes said...

That was such a great movie...despite the fact that I only followed about 1/3 of it. Kory told me he's gotta be more like Bond and that if he was like Daniel Craig, women would want to help him find his stationary too. LOL. It's good to know that he never dies, because Daniel Craig is the perfect bond.

Ryan said...

Agreed - Bond, and Daniel Craig as Bond, is awesome. You just can't beat a movie that has intense chases by car, boat, plane, motorcycle, foot and donkey. I'm sure Bond could even make a tortoise race exciting. Long live King Bond!