"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, November 29


In a relatively quiet political environment since the elections, I find myself really lacking in the blog topic department-Here are some of the choices I have to choose from......................

Al Franken-Liberal, foul-mouthed nutcase comedian running for Minnesota Senate Seat involved in a recount of votes since he lost by so little-Minnesota has a knack for electing nutjobs...Ask Jesse Ventura.

Black Friday-Mental Institutions nationwide are searching for escapees this weekend. They have warned that they will trample fellow human beings to buy a DVD for $9. Is the current state of our economy so bad that our populous has resulted to acting like savages to secure their treasured bargains?

Terrorist Attacks in India-Good luck figuring out who's behind all the killing of Jewish Rabbis in India. It's obviously white conservative gun-owners who are mad that the Republicans lost the election. Maybe we ought to quit acting like we don't realize that all these folks are Islamic Fundamentalists and start profiling these people. If our nuclear-equipped-mentally-unstable comrades of India and Pakistan decide to wage war on one another, get ready for your calls to be answered in another country. Just when I get used to Johnny Singh's accent! Blast!

Twilight- Some movie/book phenomenon occurring around the country that has women everywhere more excited than when Senjiah was voted off American Idol. At the movies last night i heard a girl in the popcorn line talking about the next two movies in the Twilight series. She claimed she was so excited she couldn't sleep. Obviously it's going to be a rough little while for her and the males in her life.

Disney Movies-While watching Peter Pan with my three year old today, I realized how incredibly politically incorrect these old movies are today. But thanks to Peter Pan and his animated red Indian friends and their rousing rendition of "Why the Red Man's Red" I know understand that mystery completely. Unlike Peter Pan...these films would never fly today...and frankly I'm surprised that the Anti-Defamation League and their cohorts haven't made a bigger fuss about it. I actually enjoyed Peter Pan immensely...

So I don't know.....is any of it really worth expounding on?


BenJoe said...

If a 100 old man dated a 16 year old in today's day and age, he would get a minimum of 5 years. It doesn't matter how young he looked.

Down with Twilight.

Ryan said...

I'm suffering from a nasty case of blog-cramp myself. Even Google Reader has lost interest and refuses to notify readers when I post something new.
Anyway, I don't understand the Twilight phenomenon. Didn't understand Harry Potter, Star Wars or that one about the Hobbit either. I find it amuzing that people let things so trivial and fictional take over their lives with such vengence. Is reality really that boring?
I'd enjoy a more in-depth analysis of how the Disney movies of old challenge the taboo's of today.