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Tuesday, December 2

Are you Picking Your Nose Right Now? Be honest....

I'm blessed with a nice view of the sunset from my office window. I overlook 22nd Street and Kiesel Avenue in Ogden. I have a nice bird's eye view of the Children's Treehouse Museum. It has become apparent to me that people behave much differently when they think no one is looking. I get to see the kids come and go on the school bus and many people walk the sidewalk but this is not the most exciting part of the day.

Mothers often lose their cool with their kids right outside the door after being so nice while "in public"

People often pick their nose/butts after looking around to make sure no one is looking before getting in their cars.

Frustration abounds when they try opening the doors before the Treehouse opens at 10 am.

Mothers get defensive with each other when someone tries crowding the line.

Even more frustration when they try with all their might to pull the doors open. After trying both doors and stomping their feet that the place is locked, someone else comes and pushes them open. Eureka!

Ogden City has a police officer whose sole job is to enforce the 2 hour parking on Kiesel Ave. I don't know what he does between his rounds but he has got to use an entire piece of tire chalk a day marking people's tires. I guess it's good to know that there's a traffic cop presence in inner-city Ogden taking care of the city's real problem-2.5 hour parkers!

In case you're wondering, I do work while at work.....my windows are just so big! And people are so weird.......

I may be demented for enjoying this stuff but you have to admit that it makes you wonder what these people do in private.


Holly said...

I'm scared enough by what people do and say in public, I don't think I could handle knowing what they do in private!

Carlee Hoopes said...

As I read through this I started wondering if I did any of that stuff when I took Maggie to the Treehouse a few months ago. Looks like I'll have to be more cautious before I get mad that the doors won't open next time. jk.

Anonymous said...

hmm...remind me to think about what i'm doing before i go into downtown ogden... ;) haha no, kidding :P where do you work? (random, but i don't know) i agree w/ you totally here...people are freakin' crazy. i was laughing hysterically at this :P so thanks! haha

p.s. i don't pick my nose or my butt :P just so you know :P