"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, November 19

A Little Over the TOP

So I spent the last 12 hours with some brilliant minds today. I had a conference with some economists and marketplace reps that gave some interesting perspective on the current financial situation in our country. The resounding consensus was a positive one. Yes, there are some major problems that the economy is going through and even some in the future. But for those who didn't retire last year without proper planning or those who were planning on retiring within the next year, your outlook should be one of educated confidence. These are not unprecedented times. Yes there are some changes that we will all have to deal with but faith in our system and our people should remain for a long term perspective.

I had an interesting experience the other day at lunch. Carin's dad and I went to Jake's Over the Top for lunch and walked in just in time. Following close behind was what sounded like a flock of wild geese in heat. I am hoping for humanity's sake that they were no older than college freshmen at Weber State. Probably 5 girls and 4 boys. If you've ever been to Jake's up by Weber State in Ogden, you know it is close dining quarters. As we sat and tried to eat our lunch, we had to strain to even hear ourselves talk over the incessant laughter, screaming, rough-housing and adolescent behavior unbecoming of anyone over the age of 3 or 4. We walked out and savored the relative silence that was Harrison Blvd during the lunchtime rush hour and both asked the question, "Why do girls think that is attractive to act like that around boys?" Having fortunately left that awkward dating stage behind, I did not envy those creatures seeking to impress the opposite sex. I had to seek further advice from my wife on the matter and she explained that it was a combo of two things that make girls act this way. I'll take her advice as she has a degree in this.

1. Nervousness around the boys. Obviously these girls were not shy but maybe nervous that they were not married at the ripe old age of 19.
2. To get attention in a group. I couldn't tell who made the most ruckus. They all did a pretty good job in my book.

My intent of this post is to make any young reader aware that as a third party to such obnoxious behavior, it is obvious that neither male nor female enjoys this environment. If you are a newly post-adolescent female trying to impress the male counterpart, try fewer decibels in the laughing department and acting like a lady. Honestly, you've already got the boys' attention. You are eating his cheese fries.

For guys, don't be afraid to tell the girls that they are making your ears bleed and would rather be kissing instead. Lunch would be much more enjoyable for the masses.

In the animal kingdom, I thought the males usually threw up their feathers and strutted to get the girls' favor? Perhaps they should be banned from public places until they've bred.

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Ryan said...

I agree that small doses of optimism and common sense go a long way and will relieve some of the stress caused by media's cries of economic doom and gloom.
As for single males/females in the hunt for a mate, I had a somewhat similar encounter at the gym a few days ago. There you see the more typical animalesque behavior of the male putting on a show to impress the female. Upon hearing a grunt and a yell I was certain could come only from a bull elephant, I noticed that the 'Look at me - I rival the Incredible Hulk' exclamation was not so much due to the amount of weight being bench pressed as it was intended to ensure that the divas on the leg press machine were at full attention and amazement.
Seriously . . . glad to be past that ridiculous stage of life.