"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, February 26

Economic Entertainment

The most beautiful part about President Obama's speech the other night to Congress was the entertainment factor. It was almost like watching those old TV's that had picture-in-picture where you could watch three shows at once. In the main screen you got to see what could be considered the beginning of modern socialism. In the upper right-hand screen, you got to see the geriatric channel's version of jazzercising in a pant suit by The San Fransicko treat Nancy Pelosi. On the upper left you got to see the modern Alice in Wonderland's version of the Cheshire cat grinning creepily from ear to ear. And to bring it all together, the geriatric was racing the Cheshire to see who could give the creepiest botox smile and stand up first to applaud the President's vagueness. I was partly concerned that she might break her brittle bones while clapping so enthusiastically. I never knew she was quite so adamant about the whole socialism thing. The clap-off/stand-up off with VP Biden was more entertaining than Michelle Obama's sleeveless number.

Please entertain yourself here.

I am also constantly amazed at the power our new president possesses in controlling the financial markets. His ability to speak so vaguely about the bailout-of-the-week/economic recovery plan of the day instills so much confidence in Wall Street and the investors of the country that the market drops faster than the charts can keep up. I usually watch the DOW and if it drops abruptly I know our President has stepped in front of a camera again. Here's my economic recovery plan......stay home President Obama. I hear you have a bowling alley in the white house. No one cares how nebulous you speak when you're amongst your Hollywood friends who are lobbying for their favorite pet project. Maybe you could tell your friend George Clooney that you have a concrete plan that might, potentially, solve or mediate some or all the problems in Dafur and surrounding areas that maybe you'll unveil in a few units of time. And my plan doesn't cost a dime.


Brien said...

You obviously have strong opinions. I like that.

But your posts are always so negative and sarcastic. Do you ever have anything positive to say? Or even non-political?

Kirk said...

Brien, Thank you for your comment. I realize I can be quite sarcastic, even too much. I suppose my posts are often political, perhaps rightly so. I admit what goes on my blog can at times be less-than-uplifting and if i might add quite reflective of the current times. Perhaps those posts that are most sarcastic are about those things on which we agree to disagree are those that stick out most in your mind. I do however remember writing about things not political-even recently. I posted recently about inflation, stimulus, church basketball, Denny's Breakfast, Closet debt, charity, and even what I considered to be quite a positive post wishing Pres. Obama well. So I respectfully disagree that I'm only political. On second thought though, I don't see what would be wrong with only writing about politics. I love/hate politics and see the effects economically in my business of social and fiscal policy of which I have a vested interest. I never came out with a declaration pledging so much posting space be dedicated to non-political topics. There are millions of blogs covering everything you might ever want to read about. This is why everyone and his dog has a blog, few readers and many opinions. My blog serves as a venting place for me, a soundboard for anyone who ends up reading it and a place to do what I love to do-write. I admit I am opinionated-who's not? I don't enjoy reading constant positivity either...I have a family blog for that. What I can control, what bring me the most joy in life, my family, doesn't share the page with my thoughts on this blog. I dedicate this blog to nothing more than what I feel-sarcastic or not-at least the reader knows I care about what I write.

Brien said...

Fair enough

jenny said...

Fair is not enough



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