"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Monday, February 9

Times they are a changin'

Things have taken a turn for the worse. I rarely check the Drudge Report anymore. I haven't yelled "Amen" at my radio in weeks and I can't even enjoy a good cable news program anymore. Maybe it's just the wearing down of a person's soul that jumps into the floating cesspool of politics for years at a time that causes this condition. As bad as President Bush's grammar and overall grasp of the English language was, I would still make it through his State of the Union speeches, rare press conferences and occasional public speaking engagements with neery a small headache. However, our new President inspires more than just Hope and Change in me.(notice the capitalization, they are now holy words) He has already bettered my life with his historic presidency. I watch much less of the raggedly worn news anchors. I am also slowly starting to listen to music again. Music really is a great thing. I speak with my coworkers and family more about the things that matter in personal life and less about bitter political differences. But most of all President Obama has brought to light the use of the word that will change my life forever. Uh.

Now, when I can't think of what to say when I forget to get dressed and walk in front of the open windows in the morning in front of the neighborhood bus stop, I will have something to stall with until I can get some pants on. Now, when I answer my wife's phone and am compelled to guess who it is before suffering through a long guess who's talking bit, I will be able to fake my way through with a few extra uhs. Did you get your home teaching numbers in yet this month? Uh......can you hold on a sec?....................yup. Did you remember to bring home that package from the office for me? Uh......let me go check! Did you leave the car in drive? Uh.....be right back! See! It's an amazing word that if it weren't for our new uh....President, I would have never known that by using the word uh, you could be labeled an articulate speaker! Maybe this is actually a turn for the better!

Please check this link out. Watch the master in action in this video.


eric said...

Ya know uh....Kirk, I totally agree with you, it is painful!! I can't even tell what the guy is saying half the time because he takes so long to uh...say it that I have forgotten his point. But I am glad that he says something because he says nothing better than anyone else who is saying nothing. Great article.

Kirk said...

Thanks for your comments Eric.