"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, October 26

Break my System and I will Break Your Bones!

Carlee and Kory Hoopes from choopes.com and insomniacsoup.com made me aware of the Constitution party's presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin tonight. He seems like an honest guy and I wish they would give some air time to him but of course his validity is compromised by what Americans see as gospel and that is the media's opinion. I don't know if I would necessarily vote for Baldwin just because I haven't seen enough of him to know what his character and background looks like. I don't know. It's a broken system. I wish we could get someone with the same ideals it sounds like Baldwin has to run on a national republican or democrat ticket so it actually would be a possibility to become President. The way our government works with the current two party system is like a best ball four man scramble. It doesn't really matter who wins the white house because politics will continue as usual. The Republicans don't want to support a third party candidate because it takes votes from them and Democrats won't support a third party because third parties always seem to be right of center. For a democrat, there is nothing else. If conservative Americans had a brain in their head collectively, they could come up with someone like Baldwin, nominate him and put him out there as the standard of conservatism a year in advance. It happened with Reagan after Carter. But Reagan started running for President in 68 and wasn't elected until 80. It's an overused euphemism but we really do need to break up the old boys club in Washington. I laugh when I hear Sarah Palin and John McCain say they will change everything in Washington. There is so much corruption in Washington behind dirty money, they would squash Palin in a heartbeat. If they walk in there on day one and do what they said they'd do, Congress would shut down completely and render our government good for nothing for at least 4 years, McCain would be a one-termer because the country would revolt because of the inaction of government and this has historically always been pinned on the president. Yet another flaw in our country's political mores. If my life is bad, I'm blaming the president. It's happened all through our history. There needs to be a period of complete humbling in America. (Perhaps we need an Obama to screw us over so completely for 4 years that we have to come up with a massive uprising.) Until then, we can expect more of the same. Dems and Repugs will never bring the change that we all want. Third Parties are the only option right now and until we can create a system with more diversity in thought we will be stuck right where we are...waiting for the second coming to sort it all out.

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