"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, October 19

Can I pay you to get me lost?

Call me crazy-Call me a party pooper-Call me sensible but what is it with corn mazes? I have never once been in a corn maze and thought to myself..."Man, I sure and glad I did this", let alone, "I sure am glad I paid money for this." I don't see the draw to be honest. Perhaps some of you could enlighten me as to why people do this. What happens when you have to pee? That's right, I don't see any porta potties in the corn maze-only at the start/end. Another reason to stay on the trail.

Haunted Houses are also on my question mark list. Carin won't go because they scare her too bad and she pees her pants (she has had three kids) but for me, being scared is all about being scared when I am not expecting it. Like when someone sneaks up on you when you're jamming on the ipod while vacuuming the house. Then I pee my pants. To pay people to try to scare me, when I know that any moment they will jump out at me with a Styrofoam chainsaw is so not scary. Yet again another wonderful use of coin.


Liza Romero :-D said...

It's so sad. And so true!! We're also now forever going to call before ever coming over (due to the described vacuuming scenario). heeheehee :)

J.Comics said...

Haha, i totally know what you mean, what I hat is when you're watching a scary movie and the guy jumps out without warning, and when the guy is walking around the block at night, thescary music is playing and it is rising up and geting to be all suspensful, he hears a noise! He looks back, the music reaches the climax! And it is just a guy with the newspaper. Lame...