"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, October 5

Frankly, I don't care for you....

I was never really interested in politics at all growing up. I could never figure out what a republican or democrat was but I knew it was impolite to ask three questions. One-How much money do you make? Two-What religion are you? And three- Are you democrat or republican? So instead of looking it up, I just ignored it all together. Until I went on a mission to Europe. I saw socialism at it's worst. The government was even more "out of reach" there than it feels here. I realized how good I had it in America. I wasn't in the states for the big Bush/Gore election debacle so this feels like the first time I have actually had a strong opinion in a presidential election. When I came home, I began learning, forming my own opinions and defending my positions and beliefs in college. It was good for me. Many of my professors would have been right at home in Austria. So, in my accounts in political history be kind, I am only an 6 year old!

One of these items of my political naivety is that I thought when you hold public office, you handle your affairs in such a way that is above reproach. Maybe it's the way I was raised but it seems like just the opposite now. When you get elected now you must get a goodie basket that has two get-out-of-jail-free cards, one lack-of-judgement card, one dozen free lies, an extra marital affair, love child or run in with a prostitute, and four bad personal association cards. Nixon, Clinton, Dodd, Craig, Clinton, Obama, McCain, Edwards, Clinton and now Barney Frank.

So I have been learning a little bit about Barney Frank lately. Again, call me naive or ignorant but apparently he's been "out of the closet" since 1984. He said he didn't want to make excuses to keep his private life in check with his political life anymore. There's no room for anything to go wrong now that everyone knows he likes other congressmen!

So, in the 80s, he hires a male prostitute for 80 bucks, moves him in, and tries to help the young man change his life around and then dumps the kid. (Let's leave the prostitute life changing to Richard Gere) Everyone finds out that favorite politician from Boston hires long term male prostitute-no prob Frank. We'll re elect him another couple decades or so. He has a card for that! Remember? And anyway, what he does in his personal life is his business! Quit meddling.

It's now the 90s and Mr. FRANK is on the House Financial Services Committee overseeing the big government run programs such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. During the same time, Mr. FRANK accepts over 40,000 dollars from Fannie Mae while serving on this oversight committee that advocates lax lending practices for minorities and sub-prime loans. (As does senator Chris Dodd, also on the committee) Guess what direction the Financial Services' Committee leans? You guessed it. Oh and one more thing. For 10 years on the HFSC, Mr. FRANK was involved romanticly with a man named Herb Moses. He openly called Mr. Moses his spouse. Herb Moses was an executive for none other than our now favorite government bailout-owned Fannie Mae. I wonder if there was any possibility of a conflict of interest there? Since 2003, Mr. FRANK has been the chairman of this committee that "oversees" government programs and makes policy recommendations as to lending practices, government backed mortgages and banking policy. Gee, this is the same guy criticising republicans of letting this whole economic mess happen? Also the same guy that just 5 weeks ago said publicly that Sarah Palin's personal live was fair game?

Excuse my cynicism a moment while I ask a couple rhetorical questions.

If Mr. FRANK was a straight conservative republican, would not the press be reporting this with fervour?

If Mr. FRANK was a straight conservative republican, would this not be grounds for dismissal from this critical committee or from office altogether?

Although I am a bit naive still when it comes to politics, I am at least smart enough to know that if elected to public office, I'd better keep my nose clean. That is unless that goodie bag comes with some kleenex. As for Mr. FRANK, he is now being investigated by the FBI.

Maybe someone will finally tell Mr. FRANK to leave the ballpark. He may feel right at home in federal prison.


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Angela said...

Thanks Kirk...reading your brain makes me feel a little like I am there with you all in good ol' st. george. Have fun and thanks for sharing your views....LOVE it! I get a kick out of it!