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Tuesday, December 9

No Smoking or Swearing...kids....

I swear this stuff comes pouring out of Illinois like Cub fans out of Wrigley field in the 7th inning......

I was so glad to hear that President-Elect Obama has pledged not to smoke in the White House! What a stand up guy! I sure do appreciate you not defiling a national landmark. Perhaps he'd like to explain to the school kids in DARE programs why he chooses to smoke in the first place. How about quitting Sir?

Out of work and out of gusto to go get another job, hundreds of workers at an Illinois window factory decided to sit-in until they got all their vacation time they are owed under the union contracts. Bank of America , recipient of bailout money, pulled the company's line of credit which is used for payroll. Obviously the company closed it's doors and the workers threw a tizzy. Yesterday, Illinois Governor Ron Blogovosovischischoviscijic told the union teamsters and the employees of the window company that the state of Illinois would no longer do business with the Bank of America. So now, the Bank of America gives back the line of credit to a company tha is out of business to pay the workers their vacation pay and the Bank of America will have to write off the bad debt. Hmmm. I wonder who will end up buying that bad debt from them? If you pay taxes, raise your hand.

If yesterday wasn't a big enough day for the governor, the now-shamed Illinois Governor Ron Blogovosovicishischoviscijic also gets an F for his example to little kids with his ****'n good **** language. Oh yeah and the federal corruption charges as well. Almost forgot to mention that he was selling a senate seat. Does this guy look a little like a white pastey John Travolta or what??

So in summary, Illinois leadership has taught us some important lessons this week.

1. Smoking is cool.
2. If you throw a big enough fit, opposition will cave under threats
3. If you hold public office, you can say or do any ****** thing you want

Hope you kids are listening!

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