"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, January 20

Inauguration-What I Hope

An historic day.....a new president.....a few thoughts.

I hope Mr. Obama is successful. I hope he can inspire confidence in a nation of doubt. I hope he can do what he has promised for our country. I wish him well. I love this country. Because I love my country he will be my president. Regardless, of my opposing stance to most of his agenda, I will address him as President, I will acknowledge his presidency as valid and I will give him the benefit of the doubt as the democratically elected leader of the nation. I will not give any idea a free pass, but I believe deep down that he is a good man that means well for our country and will do his best to lead us. That is all we can ask of anyone in his office.

That being said, I hope one more thing-For people to understand that this great country is not in need of fixing. Her heroes and martyrs have built her and continue the fight for freedom in our behalf. America provides a purpose for which our government operates. That purpose is to advance the nations citizens to a personal level of responsibility and civility. Our country herself is not broken. Our country is strong. Our country is not in need of repair. Our people are. Our people have made the mistakes that have us where we are today. Our people have judged incorrectly and we have made for ourselves the series of consequences as a result of our actions. Our great country stands only as a benefactor for us. When we improve ourselves, we will once again see a smiling nation. She is only waiting.


Carlee Hoopes said...

Good thoughts Kirk!

Brandon Kuhn said...

Kirk, you said what's been on my mind so much more clearly than I ever could. And I love how you articulate exactly what and where our great country is in your last paragraph.

Natalie said...

Beautifully written, I appreciate your words!

eric said...

Ya know kirk, I don't really want him to succeed. I want all of his ideas that he brought up during his campaign to fail. The socialism is too much. The nationalization of our banks and the tearing down of the big money to bring up the little guy. Tearing down does not build anything or anyone. I don't want our country to fail, but the President's ideas are too far out there to make me feel comfortable. I do agree with you on not giving him a free pass, but look at the media and the free pass people are giving him on the notion of bipartisanship. We need to do what is right not what feels right.

Kirk said...

It's a fine line to walk in loving your country, holding politicians accountable and respecting the election process. I don't want 99% of his agenda to succeed but we do need to bury the hate that has spewed forth from the mouth of every Bush-hating liberal for the past 8 years. I didn't agree much with what Bush did but I never questioned the man's good will towards our nation. And regardless of the ideas that Obama puts forth, and no matter how much I hate his ideas, I will not resort to ruining myself through hating the man our country elected in a fair election ntil I see solid proof that he is purposefully and intentionally harming our country. I refuse to become what the liberal whack-jobs became during the Bush administration. The most and best I can do is to do what I can as a citizen. No amount of wanting or wishing Obama to fail will affect the outcome. Thanks for your comments. Keep em coming.