"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, January 6


As of late our President-Elect Obama has, in my opinion been missing in action.

Hamas has been launching rockets from civilian-dense neighborhoods on Israel inciting a ground offensive of the Gaza strip to route out the terrorists. Hundreds of people have been killed and no end in sight. Demonstrations against Israel have popped up around the country (especially in San Fran Freako) protesting Israel's defense of itself. If Israel was dropping bombs on Palestine and the Palestinians defended themselves, the media and pot-head freakiziods would be calling for the US to condemn Israel's actions and send in billions to help the poor Arabs. Since Israel is our strongest, if not only real ally in the middle east, you would think that the President Elect would at least express a solid opinion on the matter.

Governor Blagojevic allegedly was selling Obama's vacated Senate seat. Obama gave a couple sound bites about how he was disappointed and that it was a sad day for Illinois but where was the outrage? It was HIS senate seat! Of course he would have an interest in who would take his job. You would. However, he stayed quiet and in the background. Disgraced Governor still appoints Roland Burris as senator. He shows up in Washington and is denied entrance into the Senate. "My people tried to reach out to them(Obama); I don't think we heard anything,'' Burris said. Obama:no comment. Too controversial because Mr. Burris is black. Too much talk about race and it's role in the appointment. "Better stay clear of this one as long as possible, sir."

In the midst of all the cabinet appointments, I have heard little to no real comments about the economy. It has been a topic apparently forgotten about. Recently, there have been some talks about "tax-breaks" for businesses and tax credits to all Americans. (Topic for another day) In reality this is nothing more than another form of corporate and individual welfare. Obama's aids are out talking but where is the President Elect?

Obama will soon appoint Clintonite Leon Penetta to the head of the CIA that has no real Intelligence-gathering experience to be the nations top "spy" to protect America against terrorist threats. Somehow this does not comfort me. He does so without consultation with Diane Feinstein, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman. Now he has an old mean-liberal Californian woman on his bad side. Afterwards he apologized for not consulting with her first. Sorry. I'll be at the gym if you need me.

The common excuse for his inaction is that there is only one president at a time and he doesn't believe he should intervene with his opinions. Listen, we all know that Bush is already writing a book and it too busy packing boxes to move back to Crawford, so why not? He had no problem expressing his opinions during the election on current events. Why is he now so careful about what he says? I hope that Obama changes what seems to be a track record of inability to take a strong stance on issues. If there is one thing I did like about Bush, it was his grit when it came to standing up for what he thought was right. Of course on some pretty cut and dry, up or down votes in the Illinios Senate, Obama voted a unopinionated "present" 129 times so I guess we shouldn't be surprised by his inability to make a stand for something.

No-Drama Obama. I'd just hate to have to be the guy's White House Chef. "I'll have Steak, no chicken, no I was born in Hawaii, I feel like Spam tonight-no--ah fix me whatever you think is best."

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