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Wednesday, September 24

Personal Hero

So I have been trying today to think of people in my own life that have been influential to me. I would not be justified if I failed to mention President Hinckley. He was a man of great faith and admiration. He inspired millions of people to be better and led the church with true leadership and inspiration. The far reaching effects of President Hinckley's testimony and life will resonate for decades. I know for me, he will always be the "prophet of my childhood." He was there when went through high school, I sent off my mission papers, joined the mission field, got married and started my family. I feel like those things happened and President Hinckley was personally a part of it. No one whom I never met personally has ever had that effect on me.

I see true leadership in the way he led the church. He was so kind and gentle and led in a way that was full of love and light.

I don't know why I am so drawn to people like President Hinckley that are great leaders. Perhaps it's the nature of true leadership to attract people to you and reveal their true potential.

I remembered watching this clip of Glenn Beck from CNN and feeling enormous respect for President Hinckley and admiration for Mr. Beck as he openly talks about his life and how Predident Hinckley changed his life through leadership and example. It probably takes more guts than we give him credit for to open his heart like that on national TV.

If you have someone that has influenced your life in the same way, please share your story.

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