"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, September 25

I Simply Can't Wait!!!!!!

I follow the news and the markets during the day and read so much news that is so negative. Here's today's synopsis.......before noon.

A democratic congressman makes a blatantly racist comment about Jews and Blacks.
Hatred abounds....some defend...some call him out on it....divisions deepen-but he's black so it's okay. (Does this mean I have a license to degradate and hate any Mormon? Just sayin'.)

Bill Clinton, bless his little heart, defends John McCain's decision to go back to Washington and deal with the bailout.
Democrats threaten paybacks for the Clintons for defending McCain. (Obviously because he wants McCain to win so Hillary can be President in '12.)

Pakistan's President calls Sarah Palin Gorgeous. Obviously she can't deal with foreign affairs if all anyone is ever doing is looking at her legs! She is a sexist. She is unfit to deal with anything because she is hot.

John McCain has skin cancer 8 years ago-is just NOW being exposed as an old man and won't let reporters drool over his medical records.
What? He is unfit to hold any public office. What if he dies? He is old. He should retire and die. I have a right to know how his last colonoscopy looked-dangit-I'm American!

Hillary is going to be the VP now because Joe Biden will voluntary become sacrificial lamb of the democrats and let Hillary take her rightful place as Obama's VP to counteract Palinmania. Scary but maybe true people. Biden is old and sick you know.

It's not long before we get to vote but I am currently torn. How can I be expected to vote without being told who to vote for? No one seems to have an opinion nowadays.

I have a humble request. Can we just vote already? Please?

If we aren't careful, we might end up divided into two political parties that hate each other more than John McCain hates his monthly prostate exams.

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