"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Friday, September 26

What are you smoking?

Tonight my awesome parents called at 9:30 and asked if Carin and I wanted to go for a motorcycle ride since the kids were in bed and it was a nice night. We said yes of course. We rode over North Ogden Divide, through Huntsville and over Trappers and home. When my head is in my helmet, I think I have many more tangential thoughts than normal. I get a lot of thinking done since we can't converse amid the wind and roaring exhaust.

As you ride a motorcycle, you are treated to a vast variety of smells that otherwise pass you by in an enclosed cabin. You also miss the pockets of warm and cold air as you ride. As we crested North Ogden Divide, a car pulled in front of us and the air became cooler and much much "sweeter'. I have never been the smoking kind you see. (I do however admit loving the Steve Miller Band's 'The Joker') So this car took off pretty fast. We had to have been a half mile behind and we could still smell them. Carin suggested that perhaps they had discovered an alternative fuel and a car that runs on weed. As a "valley girl" she has been told that this is a common practice because there is nothing else to do. That got me thinking.

I would like to thank my parents for raising me right. I never once felt like I needed to try smoking or booze or weed to entertain myself. As a matter of fact my dad has constantly drilled in my head most of my life that most things in a salad are weeds and we should not eat them. I suppose this is a challenge for most parents and just wanted to say thanks for doing a great job.
As for other smells, I am not sure why 7th and Monroe smells like dryer sheets the mouth of Weber Canyon smells like pencil erasers. If I knew what Meth smelled like I could have probably identified a few Meth houses as well. And why someone can't be paid to expeditiously clean up dead animals off the road? You completely miss the experience of dead animal stench in a car.
So instead of writing a synopsis on tonight's presidential debate, I got to ride behind a potentially new form of alternative vehicle, spend much needed time with my sweetheart and ponder the challenges of parenthood. Very good night...except now I have the munchies.


Jaime said...

7th & Monroe smells like dryer sheets?! I never noticed. I love that smell. How fun for you guys. Makes me wish just a bit that my husband had kept his bike.

Romero's Arrows... said...

Kirk!!! You are SO FUNNY!! Alternative fuel??!! hahaha!! And now you have the munchies! :) Enjoyed the post and am happy to know that the future president (you) will not later be trying to retract the blog where he said he smoked but just once. :) YoU aRe A gOoD eGg! :) WE LOVE KIRK