"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, September 16

Will you go steady with my friend?

I follow politics. A lot. My sweetheart even had a dream about me the other night that I ran and was elected the "vice president of Utah". I am sincerely interested in the leadership of the country and thus have taken it upon myself to analyze the character of the presidential candidates and their running mates. I am not a card carrying Republican nor am I a Democrat. I wouldn't even call myself a republicrat or a demican. I think the labels are divisive. And that is all they are-labels.
People believe different things. However, there are a few truths that we should all believe in.
Truth #1-Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and should not be restricted as long as it does no harm to others. If you don't like it, don't listen.
Truth #2-We are all Americans- we are all of divine origin. America and it's patriots provide us venue, God provides us opportunity.
Truth #3-We should strive to understand each other. The biggest problem our country has is we don't even try to understand each other's views. With too many it is either black or white. Every issue is not black and white.

When I watch the candidates-both sides-I get a knot in my stomach. I believe we do a disrespect to our veterans when we trivialize the voting process. You should vote for who you think can best handle the state of affairs our country faces.
I don't care who called who what. I don't care if Obama uses a teleprompter. I don't care if McCain can use a computer. I don't care if Biden thinks Hillary was the better choice and I don't care if Sarah Palin's Ex-brother in law was fired for using a taser on his own son. These things don't matter! Rubbish.

If there is one thing that I agree with Obamaites about, it is that the most important problems of our lifetime are being ignored to talk about trivia. Obamaites claim this is the Rove politics in action but if we don't call it for what it is...neither side is without fault.
You can begin to understand why I don't send money to political candidates on the national level. My money won't be used to smear someone's reputation nor waste time on irrelevant factoids while my country withers from mismanagement. When our national debt is more than $9 trillion, we can't do anything but fill the airways with talking points from both sides with pundits' opinions about whether or not someone said something that they shouldn't have. What are we all teenage girls? Enough with the hypersensitivity. Get over yourself and talk about what matters.
Doesn't it kind of remind you of Junior High? Complete irrelevance takes center stage in a world that revolves around the trivial.


Erin said...

you tell 'em chugg. and here's what chaps my hide: $28,000-per-plate fundraising dinners. what. a. waste. and i'll have you know, i was a pretty mentally-stable teenage girl.

B said...

welcome to the blogging world, Chugg!

Carlee Hoopes said...

I like this political blog. I don't think people state their opinions enough and it's good to know people are educating themselves about politics. If you are neither democrat nor republican, are you a libertarian?

Kirk said...

Erin, stable by whose definition?