"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, October 23

The Giant Checkbook in the Sky.....

For you small government folk out there, I have found a website to make your blood boil. I ran into it on accident today and decided to see how our great state of Utah is helped out by our federal government. To see the list of recipients and amounts they received through grants, and federally guaranteed loans and the such click here.

In 2006 alone, the federal government gave assistance to entities in the State of Utah totaling $10,559,308,443.

I understand the importance of federal tax dollars helping some organizations like schools, cities and veterans affairs but excuse me if I have a problem with Planned Parenthood of Utah receiving $1,281,330 of our tax dollars to run their agendas. This was not a loan to planned parenthood it was a grant to a "non-profit." Countdown to blood reaching boiling point in 2 minutes........Furthermore, why would the St. George H&R- freaking-Block need a federally guaranteed loan of $243,750? Doesn't H&R Block do well enough without the help of the taxpayer? You may be wondering why Joy-Luck Chinese restaurant is so much nicer. It may have been the $965,000 loan we gave them. You may want to take a look through the list and see the number of small businesses that our federal government gives loans/grants to.

I understand that the federal government has a responsibility to it's citizens but I can't remember where it is written that we give free money and federally guaranteed loans to private enterprise and left wing nut-jobs. Can't the private sector deal with Small Business Loans as well if not better than the government? Unless of course it was shoved into an economic rescue bill somewhere. Why is my government spending money in places like this? Why are we such a socially dependant society that subscribes to the mantra of- "I'll let someone take care of me"? Perhaps the answer lies within our own government's fiscal policies. Call it a new use for the term "trickle-down-effect".

Many fret that we may soon see a socialistic style government with Obama in office. As John McCain might put it "I have news for you my friends" we already do. Excuse me while I go read the constitution. This stuff has to be in there somewhere....doesn't it......???


Carlee Hoopes said...

Um, is this really Kory writing under the disguise of Kirk? Seriously, this makes Kory's blood boil as well. And we discuss it frequently. I totally agree though. I'm not sure when the government decided it needed to overstep its bounds and keep "rescuing" everything. And more importantly, why are the majority of Americans okay with it? I guess some Americans really would rather live under communism, just as long as we disguise it as a democracy. :)

SAKS said...

This makes my blood boil as a teacher. The water in the sinks at my school is an awful brownish orange. Last I checked this wasn't a third world country, but apparently there isnt enough money to build a new school in my area. grrrr

Kirk said...

Good to know that the sinks at school have not been fixed since i was there. I still remember the rusty pipes. Thing is, the Utah Dept of Education is one of the biggest recipients of tax payer money is you look at the list. So obviously there is a disconnect between both teacher pay and facilities improvement. I have seen through first hand experience the ineffiency of the public school system and it's monetary policies or lack thereof.