"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, October 22

Obvious lack of a life

I have no life. I find myself at the ripe old age of 27 reading National Geographic (my favorite left leaning-save the planet magazine) and watching the History channel specials on presidents. That's right my friends, I have become so incensed with the current political campaign machine that I have turned to not only the History Channel but the specials they show High School kids without commercials. I have covered all of the 20th century as of tonight and find myself as hopeless as ever for the state of our country. I am sorry for whatever affection you hold for any particular POTUS in the past or fantasy world that you've imagined where every POTUS is an upstanding principled man with impeccable character. I realize after watching this that every president in the history of our country was defined by some cause that he took upon himself to be the national champion of. Most men were not elected to office because of who they were in the eyes of Americans (with maybe the exception of Gen. Eisenhower) but from the dire circumstances created by the government of their past presidencies/congresses. Each came to office with certain goals, some egotistical and some admirable. Some were effective and some found their goals were victims to an unsettled American public.

Today, I see the thin veil of ignorance in today's political campaigning. Every POTUS was seen as, expected to be and championed as the "Messiah" and the one who would stand up for the "average American" and get us out of this mess. Call me cynical but one man at the head of a massive and corrupt government can't change the world no matter how "called" he may feel to the task. Real change has to occur with each and every American. We again revert back to the topic of "if someone else will do it for me, I'll let him" mentality.

What if each American said to him/herself....hey wake up (self) and take a look at what I am doing to solve the problems I complain all day about. Hey(self), what am I doing to give back to the making of a better country and hey (self)...am I draining on the system? and if I am...I'm going to get off my @$$ and make a difference myself instead of trying to anointing some "savior of the country" to be my big bad boyfriend whose going to show those Republicans/Democrats back in Washington a thing or two. By the way I think if the tables were reversed and the Republicans were in the lead, had an influential and historical figure, that they too would anoint him the flag-bearer of a "new day" in Washington. These ideas and tactics are not party-specific.

Now, perhaps the only thing to do is throw a History Channel Party and immerse ourselves in the 1800's for fun next.


J.Comics said...

That is a good point, I am guilty, I know that I don't wake up and think that, and I have been known to litter on occasion, but I think becoming more knowledgable about the issues is one of the first steps, and I think that that is where I am. Oh, and by the way, I'm taking you up on that party offer! Party at the Chuggs house!

Brien said...

I LOVE "The Presidents"!!

Steve said...

Hey Kirk,
I agree that we have had some scumbags for president, but from some of the books I have read we have also had some great men.
They were not great in that they were altruistic, but they were great because they were willing to make decisions that weren't popular.
This may have been because they were more concerned with their legacy than current popular opinion. My favorites are Lincoln, Washington, Truman, and T.Roosevelt, in that order.

Kirk said...

Steve, You are right. There have been some principled men in our country's presidency. I don't wish the job on anyone really. We would surely be a different country today had a few of them not stood up for the unpopular but principled decisions. Truman especially.