"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Friday, October 3

Random Ramblings in Dixieland

Although I am sick to my stomach that the House passed the Emergency Economic Stability Bill today I am going to take a break from discussing this muddled mess. All I can say is God help us and I hope it works. There's nothing I can do about it now other than let it eat at me and kick the bums out of office in the next election cycle.

So we came down to the house in St. George for conference with Carin's folks. The ride to St. George with 3 kids three and under is always exciting. When we stop to get lunch we are often stared down the whole time because we have twins. You just smile. Most people mean well. The others I just beat down. Yes, we meant to have another kid, No we did not use fertility, Yes they are twins and yes they are identical. It always makes me wonder if people actually think before opening their mouths. Are they twins?! Um. Yeah-here's your sign.

Carin and I also discussed what we were going to get do for the twins birthday. I like my birthday and the free dinners and special treatment as much as the next guy but come on....if anyone should get special treatment or a gift on a birthday it should be the mother that birthed the baby's ginormous cranium. Really kids, we're glad you're here but go over and give your mother a hug. I did not have to talk very persuasively to convince Carin of my philosophy. Thoughts?

Another random thought....We took the new Legacy Parkway for fun today just to see how many dead raccoons we could re-run over. Apparently the extreme-enviros that held up the construction of the parkway for 10 years forgot about the little bandits-of-the-night. Poor fellas. The enviros from St. George have done a much better job protecting our little animal friends. If you have ever driven the Red Rock Parkway above St. George by the Dixie "D" you may have noticed the little 12 inch fence running along the side of the road. Desert Tortoise my friend. Desert Tortoise. It's a cute little fence anyway and I have never seen a dead tortoise. I would have liked to see them installing it though. I love to honk and wave at people doing stupid things....especially "neckers" on the North Ogden Divide.

And third....any of you who many have a commercial drivers license tell your truck driver buddies not to pass other trucks on a hill unless they are sure they can actually pass. Nothing worse than driving through "beautiful" central Utah at 30 mph.

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Holly said...

At least all multiples are treated the same. My husband is a triplet, so any time he's with his siblings they still get stared at. He doesn't even notice it anymore.