"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, October 16

Reality Check

I've been thinking lately about the two men you want to be President. My thoughts have been as follows...

Right now we have a Republican Executive Branch, Democratically controlled congress and in my opinion pretty left leaning Federal and Supreme Court judges. If McCain wins, none of that really changes. If Obama wins, a lot will change.

A lot of Republican seats are up for re-election and several republican incumbents are retiring this cycle. There is a very real possibility that with the unpopularity of President Bush, the democrats could gain a super-majority in the Senate and the House. That leaves us with Democratic Executive Branch, Democratically controlled congress and leftist judges. So here's my take on what these two men's promises on policy mean to me.

If Obama wins...what he says he will do, will probably get done. This includes a higher tax on businesses, nationalized health care and a foreign policy that no one really has any idea about. His decisions will be most likely supported by congress and if the conservatives in congress don't like his ideas, well tough.

If McCain wins, he will fight an uphill battle every step of the way. He will have a congress that can most likely override his veto and his policies will be dead in the water before they even get started. There would be so much outrage and hate already for the McCain Administration that he'd have two strikes before he was even sworn in. The only way he'd be able to get anything done is to lean left to satisfy the democrats. (Great options huh?)

I'm not endorsing Obama by any stretch of the imagination but facing the reality that the Obama's plans are more likely to become reality than McCain's if elected. The last time the democrats controlled the government was Bill Clinton's first administration. He did get a lot done though...but many interns do not a good president make.

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Carlee Hoopes said...

Either way, we will continue to be taxed and OUR money will be spent how THEY want to spend it. It sucks!

My husband wrote this comment on a blog post he wrote a few weeks ago. I have to agree with him.

"Sure they claim differences, but in the end my hard earned coin goes to entitlement programs that will fail, or wars that have nothing to do with actually protecting me."