"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Monday, December 22

Gay Crocodiles

When Carin and I were first married, we had the bunny-ear TV set that got very limited selection in our town house. We were forced to watch a lot of public television and nature programs as these were usually the best channels for reception. We watched a nature special once about this mammoth crocodile that was killing villagers and they'd sent hunters in to find, apprehend and kill the ferocious beast. The program was well-put together and kept us in suspense for the whole two hour special. The program ended and they didn't catch the blasted crocodile! It just ended! So now, when this happens with other shows we call them crocodile shows. We watched one last night.

National Geographic has been hyping the crud out of their new "Identical Twins- In the Womb" special for like 2 months. Since we have identical twins, we recorded it and were excited to watch it because the commercials said that they had made some breakthrough discoveries and new science behind identical twins. We watched the entire hour long special hoping that there would be something ground-breaking or important said. In a nutshell, this is what national geographic proved in their hour long special.
1. When the fertilized egg is eight days old, certain cells start with a small electrical shock and then other cells also start pulsating. These cells become a beating human heart. In their words, "the organizer" tells what cells to do what. Never eluding that this is a miracle by any definition of the word with no obvious scientific explanation. The narrator constantly refers to the fetus as an organism or growing tissue.

2. They posed the age old question on whether or not people are born gay. Asking the question they admit has no scientific answer, they then base all research done with assuming people are born gay. They proceeded in using identical twins, one gay one straight to prove that it is nature that chooses the sexual preference by the amount of testosterone absorbed while in the womb. They never once even bring up the topic that it may be a case of choice. So a fetus barely a month old already has a sexual preference in the eyes of the producer of this show.

Carin and I turned to one another at the same time and realized that in the scientifically-liberal minded eyes of NATGEO, a baby was assigned it's holy gayness as a sexual preference long before it was even recognized as a human being. In what world do people live that can study such a science and see cells immediately separating, multiplying, taking on specific tasks and building the most advanced form of life on this earth and not recognize this as living human being? It is completely ironic and near sickening to me that "advanced-science" will assign a sexual preference to a "tissue" and won't even admit that it is a living human being.

I came to the conclusion that the program's sole purpose was to try to prove that people are born gay. So the program drags on and on with the same repetitive script, same slow-motion video clips of the same people while the narrator rearranges the already old and widely accepted science of twins. Nothing new at all. The program ends with a 30 second recap of everything the program took 60 minutes to tell. False advertising I say! I want that hour of my life back. It was a total crocodile show. We will now refer to it as a gay crocodile show.


Adam said...

Interesting thoughts. As far as being born gay or not can I offer a different point of view? Certainly sexual behaviors are a choice, but isn't it conceivable that someone might be born with a genetic predisposition to be attracted to their same gender? Of course, that doesn't mean that developmental factors don't contribute. Human sexuality being as complex as it is, it seems to me that both nature AND nurture are likely play a role.

Additionally, it is my understanding that members of the church who are gay need not feel responsibility for who they are attracted to. Rather, recourse is only necessary if they choose to pursue homosexual relationships.

Here's a quote from Marlin K. Jensen of the seventy:

"... there is really no allowance within our doctrine for a homosexual
relationship of woman to woman or man to man. Obviously that creates a
lot of pain. It has created a lot of pain for me just because I've
known some of these wonderful people who have these feelings, who have
these thoughts, who have these desires, and I've worked with them in
my official capacity as a church leader. ... I've sat with those that
have tried for years to transition to a more traditional way of life
and who haven't been able to produce those feelings in themselves that
would permit them honestly to marry. ...

The thing that we have to ultimately say ... is, yes, there's nature;
yes, there's nurture; but there's also agency. We all have the
capacity and power to choose. If you're going to live your life within
the framework of the Gospel, within the framework of our doctrine,
then you've got to choose to marry someone of the opposite sex, and if
you can't do that honestly, then your choice has to be to live a
celibate life. That is a very difficult choice for the parents, for
the young man, the young woman, for whoever's making that choice, and
my heart goes out to them. I think we're asking a tremendous amount of


Kirk said...

Adam, Thanks for your comments. I appreciate someone who will respond with their thoughts. I think that it is wise to not rule out the idea of nuture and choice. I do think that the church has taken the correct stand on the issue. I am not going to argue with Mr. Jensen. I think the thing that most upset me about the show we watched and the purpose for my original post is my disgust at the disregardone, for the sanctity of life and the miracle that it is that a child can even be born and mature in the womb and two, that the liberal media will assign a sexual orientation to a child before they will recognize that it is a human being with a right to live as much as they do. I do not see the difference. This was my frustration with the show. I recently went to BodyWorlds with the full sized plastinates and they had a fetus age 9 weeks as small as a quarter that had identifiable eyes, fingers and toes. In who's twisted mind does someone justify killing that child just because it hasn't breathed yet? I guess that's what I was trying to convey.

Adam said...

Isn't the BodyWorlds exhibit amazing? I saw it last year when they came to town. I had no idea that fetuses looked so human so early on in development. Fascinating...

Kirk said...

True...made me want to take a lot better care of my body.