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Friday, December 19

Have your Pizza Delivered.....

So in honor of Friday night, snowstorms and the upcoming winter solstice celebration, we decided to get Papa Murphy's pizza tonight for dinner. We love their Gourmet Chicken Garlic. Anyway, the one beef I have with PM is even if you call in and order your pizza, you still have to stand in line with all the other hungry yah-whos to pay for your pizza. Even at 4:30 tonight the line was out the door. So while standing in line, I get to listen to a mother who should receive he annoying mother of the year award. Let me paint the picture.

Mother, 2 year old, 6 year old-standing two patrons in front of me in line. 6 year old is very excited about all the neon lights, letters and fun things to see in PM. He says things like "Hey Mom! There's a "W" like in Wagon!" She proceeds to, in a very loud voice, repeat what the 6 year old just said. "Yes your right! You are a genius! You are the smartest boy in the whole wide world!! What other letters do you see?" (as she looks around the crowded room to see who else is watching her 6 year old recite the alphabet.) This continues, thanks to a SUPER-slow cashier for 20 minutes and a minimum of 30 more letters and super loud exchanges so that everyone in the place could see that her son knew his alphabet. I'm not faulting the kid bu the mother. Now I am not sure if I have ever done this with my daughter because I know all of us think that our kids are both the cutest and the smartest but it made me aware to never even come close to the public "dog and pony-show and tell" this lady subjected all of us to. I felt like telling her I had a 3 year old that can do the same thing but I figured that would burst her pizza crust bubble, so I stayed quiet.

I told Carin and my 3 year old daughter the story when I got home and my daughter said, "Daddy, were you standing in a line?" I said,"Yes sweetheart we were in a line." She asked, was the line straight like a capital "I"? I'd put my 3 year old up against that chick's first grader any day.

The pizza was magnificent though! I'm just glad I wasn't in a restaurant eating next to this lady.

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Carlee Hoopes said...

HAHA...I have a family member like that. It can get very annoying.