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Sunday, December 14

Kirk's "Ode to TOY" in C-Minor

If there can be something more frustrating than buying or selling a car, I would like to know about it. Today while sitting at a stop sign waiting for traffic to pass, I looked to my left where I saw a young teenage girl taking a snowy, notoriously icy corner way too fast. I grimaced as she realized she was traveling way too fast not t-bone me. Lucky for me, I only had two scout-aged boys and a young girl and a snow blower in the truck. Luckily it was a slow speed skid accident that only crumpled the drivers door leaving it entirely inoperable and left no one scarred or jarred to death. So here's my dilemma....

I had just expressed my undying love for my 1991 Toyota 4x4 to my wife this weekend for it's unrefined nature, ability to climb a tree, haul a motorcycle, act as a temporary garbage can, haul a yard of topsoil, get freakishly good gas mileage and never leave me wanting for anything a big fancy truck could offer. I love my little truck! So today, after the accident, I realize that to an insurance company, my truck is worth at most about $1500. To replace and paint a door will be at least that so now I am left at the beginning again, looking for a truck that offers everything I loved about the truck that now sits in my driveway with a driver's door that won't shut. Just when I thought the car shopping had ended.....Carin and I were about due. It has been about 7 or 8 months since we bought a new automobile. (I'd have said vehicles but we bought two motorcycles this year) So we are currently looking for vehicle number 16 of our short 5 year marriage.....blast.....


Liza said...


I was sooooo sad sad SAD to hear about your truck!!! And all of this while you were out doing service in the community, TWO-FOLD!! One--- shoveling snowy driveways, and Two--- taking my children around with you, that they might join in the Spirit of Service!!! I am so sorry!!! I am so glad that you were OK!! THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH for taking them with you; it’s all they spoke of all night!!!

You are OUR HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your home teaching family,

The Romero’s!

Ryan said...

Sorry to hear about your truck. I know the feeling, and I share your frustration for car buying/selling. We finally just sold our van after 40 days of advertizing without a single call. It seriously gave me an ulcer. Well, it was one of the factors. Good luck in your decision.