"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, January 15

Racism is so 19th Century!

With the upcoming inauguration of Obama, it seems as if our country is obsessed with the subject of race again. In the media, I have heard several ludicrous stories just in the past few days that lead me to believe that racism and it's ugly head are here to stay for as long as there is an America.

A traditional Alabama-based group of women will be marching in the inaugural parade in their southern style ball dresses reminiscent of "Gone with the Wind" The leader of the Alabama NAACP is outraged that they are allowed to be in the parade sighting his disgust based on the outfits the women wear saying they remind him of a plantation and the days of slavery.

When discussing the appointment of the next Senator from Illinois, Harry Ried requested that the nominee not be one of three black men but rather one of two white women. This was not widely reported in the press. If anyone but a democrat would have made the same request, he would have been hung out to dry by the nation's race hustlers. And when Ronald Burris went to be confirmed the new Junior Senator from Illinois and was turned away, he immediately drew out the race card accusing the democratic leadership of being racist. It worked. Within a day the democrats were so scared, they agreed to seat him.

Black Preachers have gathered in Salt Lake City to protest Robert Redford and his Sundance film festival because he is opposed to oil drilling near national parks in Utah. They claim he is a racist for not supporting the drilling for oil because he hates poor black people that will not be able to afford to heat their homes.

The National Press seems to be obsessed that there are not more Black college football coaches in the NCAA.

Black leaders declare that the election of Barack Obama is but a down payment for America's history of racism.

A state of emergency had to be declared in Washington DC by President Bush to acquire more funding for the inauguration of Obama. More security is needed. Federal officials cited a considerable amount of chatter from lunatic racist groups in causing a disruption of the inauguration of America's first black president. The inauguration will cost an estimated $150 Million dollars to stage.

I have a strong opinion on all of these issues...of which I am not going to share in this post. My purpose is to start a discussion about why we as Americans discuss race so much when we all (well I hope we all) claim that we don't think race matters. We claim it is the character of a man that qualifies him for the job. It is not the color of one's skin that makes him better or worse than another. After Obama got elected, I naively hoped that America would begin to heal it's racial wounds-that we could move past the finger pointing and the distrust between races. We don't need to forget about racism and slavery but we don't need to nitpick each other in every facet of our lives and accuse others of suppressing, offending or degrading each other. There is plenty of racism in America. I readily admit that. The problem is racism has not been definitively defined. My opinion is this-Racism is the hatred of someone because of the color of their skin. There are white racist and there are black racists. White racism ranges from the closet white racists to the vocal, militant white supremacist. So does black racism. Many of the "civil rights activists" are so caught up in blaming others and victimizing themselves and their race that they hate those who they think have wronged them. By definition, they hate because of the color of one's skin. Fortunate for them, they have America's awful history and the holy cloak of civil rights to hide under to shield themselves from any criticism. This is not the civil rights movement of Dr. King. Blacks are not denied the right to do anything in today's America. Sadly, that's hard to admit for an organization that's sole purpose is to find racism and squash it dead. There will always be racism as long as it is sought.

What outrage would there be if the was a cable TV station to rival BET (Black Entertainment Network) called the WET (White Entertainment Network)? Or if there was an organization called the NAAWP? Or an awards show for white actors only? How about an all white college?Seems to me if race doesn't matter, then why the division and double standard?

It has been 150 years since slavery. Whites don't owe black people an apology because their ancestors were slaves. My ancestors had nothing to do with slavery but if it helps, I am sorry that your great great great great great grandparents were slaves. Sincerely. Now let's move on. I hope the day will come when we can stop pointing fingers, accusing each other and live our lives together in a way that has nothing to do with what race we were born. We are all children of God, he loves us all the same and it is only we who keep holding ourselves back.


Holly said...

I have never understood the double standard and why it goes unchecked. I would never want to get a job or advantage over a more qualified applicant or person because the boss or company was racist against them. I want to rightfully earn what I get, and I would think others would want that same privilege. It's upsetting that so many people get a huge advantage just because of their race. Again, what's with the double standard? My husband has often joked that he would like to start an all white university called Caucasian U and give scholarships to white males, just to prove a point. It's sad that this country can't get past this issue. I have problems with Obama, but NONE of them are because he is black. It's too bad we all can't feel free to focus on the politics rather than worry that our words will somehow be misconstrued to include race. This country would be a much better place if everyone were rewarded purely based on their performance and actions, rather than on what their ancestors did or suffered or the color of their skin.

Carlee Hoopes said...

Wow Kirk, these are my thoughts to a T! Seriously. However, it appears that if I blog about it, I am labeled as a racist...which further proves the point you state. Oh well.

Kirk said...

Don't you worry Carlee. The same people don't read my blog. You just have spicier friends.

Caroline said...

THANK YOU!! Like I said, I am a white conservative, blond, blue eyed girl from MS, so I have no chance of opening my mouth without being called racist. I grew up there & trust me I have never seen or heard any thing that had to do with KKK, or racism at all in my family, for that matter. Infact 75% of the racism I have been exposed to in my life was blacks hating whites. I hope just like racism, the race card will eventually be put away!

Natalie said...

AMEN!! SO glad Caroline pointed me to your blog!!